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BULLRUN 2013: Time to meet Elvis (Day 6)

The drivers awoke on day 5 in sunny Charleston, SC. Most of the drivers were ready to hit the road, but a few of us were up until the wee hours of the morning. But that’s the life of a Bullrunner. That night, rally newbies, Team 4Mati, were the victims of yet another rally prank. […]

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BULLRUN 2013: Tail of the Dragon (Day 5)

The ralliers awoke in Charleston, South Carolina. The city was very hospitable to us, but Bullrun can’t hang around for long. The teams left the hotel with Tem Reicke in the silver Renntech Mercedes CL600 in the lead and Team NOLA Bangers right behind. The drivers were heading off for some tasty Barbecue at Cash’s […]

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BULLRUN 2013: Time to get dirty! (Day 4)

The Bullrun drivers awoke on day 4 to find themselves in Stanford, FL. The 16 hour train ride on the Amtrak Auto Train allowed the drivers some time to sit back and relax for a bit and catch up with the other drivers. Of course the train turned into an all-night party, and a good […]

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