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BULLRUN 2013: Time to meet Elvis (Day 6)

The drivers awoke on day 5 in sunny Charleston, SC. Most of the drivers were ready to hit the road, but a few of us were up until the wee hours of the morning. But that’s the life of a Bullrunner. That night, rally newbies, Team 4Mati, were the victims of yet another rally prank. The guys weren’t too happy, but luckily the pranks on Bullrun are done in fun, and the aftermath was easily removed.

After a big breakfast, the drivers received their route cards, sending them off to Tupelo, MS. Many teams were speculating that we would be heading off to Florida, but we like to keep everyone guessing! In order to receive their next route cards, drivers had to find the Tupelo town square and find one of three Elvis impersonators that had their next route card.

Along the way, Team Royale encountered a flat tire, and had to nurse their CLS AMG to the next checkpoint before picking up a rental Mercedes G-Wagon to finish off the rally.

When the drivers picked up their route cards, they were directed to the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN.

Along the way, many of the drivers encountered some nice, open roads to stretch their legs on. But not all of the teams got their cars up to speed. Rally newbies, Team Redcoats encountered some mechanical issues and found themselves stranded on the side of the road. Luckily for them, Team Texas wasn’t running far behind. The ladies pulled over to assist the three red-clad gentlemen, and got them to the hotel safely.

That night, the party raged on and the teams began thinking about where the rally would be heading next. It’s the last day tomorrow, and the Navigator Award is still up for grabs! Who will take it home this year? We’ll know when we arrive in New Orleans!


Wheels up Bullrunners! Time to hit the road!


Good morning Team 4Mati! We think you should take your Porsche to the car wash!


The Bullrunners weren’t the only ones on the road today.


The Bullrunners hit the road heading forTupelo, MS to find Elvis to get their next route card.


Team N.O. Legs hits the open road!


Team Royale broke down…


So they wrangled themselves up a GLK and hit the road once again!


Team Texas shows up to save the day for Team Red Coats!


The three Elvis’ showed up for the party. Andy Duncan (left,) David Green (middle,) Chris Tetterton (right.)