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BULLRUN 2014: Awards

At the end of the Bullrun Rally, it’s tradition to hand out some awards to the teams that participated in the seven-day adventure. The awards range from Rookie of the Year to the coveted Bullrun Navigator Award. Here’s how the Bullrun awards were dealt out this year:

Best Car Award: Andy and James (Team Red Coats)

  • The Hottest Wheels Award is given out to the team with the coolest car on the rally. This doesn’t always mean the most expensive, but rather the most unique. Andy and James brought a matte-black Mercedes CLS 63 AMG on the rally, but it’s not your ordinary CLS! Their ride was tuned by Renntech to the tune of 700 horses, had all the electronics, brand new bronze ADV.1 wheels and an overall stealthy look!


Spirit of the Bullun: Drake and Phil (Team Royale)

  • The Spirit Award is given to the team that encapsulates the true meaning of Bullrun. They showed up in identical outfits each day, were loved by everyone, drove hard and partied harder. These guys are deserving of the award, and are the first team in Bullrun history to win the award back-to-back.


Bullrun Order of Merit: Julie and Ryan (Team Camaro) and Christina, Nicole and Danielle (Team Texas)

  • The BOM Award is given to the team that encountered unique circumstances along the way, but stick with it. Julie and Ryan did not know each-other prior to Bullrun, and were stuck with each-other last minute. They were given the keys to a Camaro and told to enjoy. Neither of them knew what to expect, but they both had a great time! Team Texas drove a total of three different cars on the rally, took different pit-stops along the way and had a great time! As usual, they were the life of the party, and are now the longest-standing Bullrun team, having just completed their seventh rally!

DSC_1621 DSC_1630

Rookie of the Year: Jeff and Meg (Team Car Chasers)

  • The Rookie of the Year Award is given to a team who has never rallied before, but acted like rally veterans and quickly made ground throughout. Team Car Chasers, who have a show by the same name on CNBC, encapsulated the whole Bullrun experience, and were loved by everyone. Jeff says Bullrun is like Survivor on wheels; there’s back-stabbing, alliances, enemies, conflict, drama and more! Jeff and Meg drove their Pennzoil Shelby GT500 hard, and always showed up to each checkpoint in the top five. They did great on their first Bullrun!


Navigator Award:

  • The Navigator Award is given to the top three teams that picked the best routes, drove hard and used strategy and tactics to arrive first at the checkpoints each day. When the points were tallied up, there were three teams in the running, and it was the closest year to date.

2nd Place: Dharmesh and Bobby (Team 007)

1st Place: Ben, Ben and Bjorn (Team ‘The Ben’s’) and Ricky, Billy and Cara (Team Big Easy Bandits)

  •  This is the second time in Bullrun history where two teams have placed first. The point standings were identical, so it was only fitting to give them both the first place Navigator Award.

DSC_1635 DSC_1640

Honorable Mention was given to Team Chaos, Jeremy and Micky in the Lingenfelter Corvette, who would have placed on the podium, but joined the rally late and didn’t have the points needed to secure a top three Navigator Award finish.