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BULLRUN 2013: Time to get dirty! (Day 4)

The Bullrun drivers awoke on day 4 to find themselves in Stanford, FL. The 16 hour train ride on the Amtrak Auto Train allowed the drivers some time to sit back and relax for a bit and catch up with the other drivers. Of course the train turned into an all-night party, and a good time was had by all! One of the stories we heard was from Team Ferrari. They had their car confiscated in Virginia and weren’t able to get it back, so they called ahead and got a BMW M6 brought to the next checkpoint so they could continue the rally.

The drivers lined up on the grid, eager to learn the whereabouts of their next checkpoint. When the route cards were handed out, the drivers were heading off to Bloomingdale, GA for a checkpoint called the “Big Nasty Mud Run.” The drivers had no idea what was in store for them. Almost immediately, allies Team Rolling 7 and Team Big Easy Banditz took different routes. These two teams are both currently in contention for the Navigator Award this year. With many of the other teams pulling off the freeway and trying their luck at some alternative roadways, we seriously wondered who would show up at the first checkpoint ahead of the pack.

The drivers headed in to a light rain as they entered Georgia, but the bad weather soon cleared up and the teams put the pedal to the metal. Team Wheelz Up was making great time when they encountered heavy traffic that just wouldn’t let up.

When the teams arrived at the Big Nasty Mud Run checkpoint, they learned that in order to get their next route card, they would have to go through the mud run and get nice and dirty! But the Bullrun drivers weren’t the only ones to get dirty; Dave Pearsall decided to take his Maserati Gran Turismo on the Motocross track for some off-road action. This isn’t the first time Dave has done this by the way. Back in 2010 he took his Maserati off-road with Phil Ayache of Team Royale close in tow in his red BMW M3.

After the drivers got their route cards, they headed onward to the final checkpoint of the day, the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC.

Drake and Phil get ready for day 4 in true Team Royale fashion!



It’s Wheels up with Team Wheelz Up first on the grid! This seems to be a daily happening!


Off to the Big Nasty Mud Run!


Team Squatting Dog was at home at the Mud Run checkpoint!


Team Pearsall was ‘more’ at home. Dave Pearsall took his Maserati for a spin on the motocross track… again!


The Mud Run checkpoint saw the Navigators get a bit dirty to stay the least.


Team Squatting Dog and Team Wheelz Up hit the road to Charleston, SC!