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12567_Lotus-Bullrun-Donnington-24_720x478For three years, Bullrun has actively been involved with the Britcar Racing series in the United Kingdom. Bullrun’s involvement began in 2010 when Bullrun Co-founder and avid racer, David Green, decided to field a team in the UK’s most intense endurance racing series. David has years of experience racing everything from go-karts to competing in the Seat Cupra Championship in 2009. Now the team is a force to be reckoned with, and the team is quickly making a name for themselves.

2012 Season:

The 2012 Britcar racing series has now begun and Team Bullrun is already in good standings when it comes to points. Drivers, David Green, Martin Byford and Richard Adams ran a nearly flawless race at the Silverstone International Raceway over the weekend and ended up with maximum points, meaning that they are currently leading their class in points.

The Bullrun Racing team has teamed up with Lotus Motorsports this year, and is driving a brand new 2012 Lotus Evora.

Though the guys haven’t had a lot of track time in the car, they already have a good handle on how the car reacts in a race setting. So far so good for the Bullrun Racing team! We wish them the best of luck in the coming races, and hope they will bring home a podium finish once again this year! This is Bullrun’s third year in the Britcar series, and we’re looking for no less than a first-place podium finish.

The racing season is off to a great start already. The Bullrun Racing team has already claimed two first-place victories and is running comfortably in first place.

Take a look at how Bullrun Racing took home the trophy during the second Britcar Endurance championship race:

2011 Season:

With 2011 well under way, and with the success of last year’s sponsorship of the #83 Seat Cupra in the Britcar Production series, Bullrun Boss, David Green, and his championship team decided it was time for a change. Over the past two years,


David has been racing in the prestigious Britcar racing championship in the United Kingdom. In 2009 he took the Production class 1 title in 2009 in the 888 Solutions Honda Civic, and missed out on the overall production class podium by one point. In 2010, Daivd and his co-driver, Richard Adams, moved on to the a new team, and bought a new car. They raced their #83 Bullrun Seat Cupra hard during the 2010 season and won the overall Production class championship. We thought they were content enough with two series wins, but it turns out that the Bullrun team was not satisfied with two production class wins.

For the 2011 series, David and Richard decided that they were ready to move out of the Production class and take on the GT class – once again finishing in first place, winning the overall Bricar GT class season. With the first race at Silverstone already in the books, and the Bullrun team finishing in a strong 3rd, it was time to show Bullrun fans what David, Richard, and new driver this year, Martin Byford, had planned for the rest of the season. The Bullrun Ferrari 360 proved to be a formidable challenge for the rest of the teams, and the Bullrun racing crew learned some valuable skills for the following 2012 racing season. Bullrun Racing press release for 2011.

2010 Season:


In 2009, David Green took first place in the Britcar Production Class, and missed out on the overall series podium by only one point.

Determined more than ever, David Green set out on a mission to take home first place in the 2010 racing season. Bullrun became the official title sponsor for the team, and supported their efforts throughout the entire racing season.

After an adrenaline-filled season with intense head-to-head racing and a rivalry with the ING racing team, the Bullrun Seat Cupra took an early lead with Bullrun founder, David Green, at the wheel.

During the second-last race of the season, the #83 Bullrun car was stuck behind title main rivals, ING Sport and their BMW M5. With a few laps to go, the caution flag flew and the safety car came out onto the track. Instead of the safety car staying out until the end of the race as was predicted by Britcar officials (which happened at Rockingham earlier this season) the race resumed, allowing our boy David to slide up the track and around the lead car. It was a picture perfect finish.


It was the final race of the season; the Brands Hatch ‘Into the night’ race. This was the last chance for David and co-driver, Richard Adams, to confirm their victory for the Britcar Production series of 2010. It was an intense race, and the Bullrun racing boys brought the trophy home!

Congratulations to David Green and Richard Adams for piloting the Bullrun racing machine to victory in its first season. You guys did us proud!