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BULLRUN 2013: Time to get dirty! (Day 4)

The Bullrun drivers awoke on day 4 to find themselves in Stanford, FL. The 16 hour train ride on the Amtrak Auto Train allowed the drivers some time to sit back and relax for a bit and catch up with the other drivers. Of course the train turned into an all-night party, and a good […]

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BULLRUN 2013: The party train moves along! (Day3)

Day 3 of the rally saw the Bullrunners blinking into the sunlight in the small College town of Staunton, VA. Bullrun has been here before, and let’s just say that we love Staunton, and Staunton loves us! The party at the Clock Tower was off the hook. The Demas girls showed the locals how to […]

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The launch party last night got the Bullrunners into the swing of things, preparing them for the crazy week ahead. The drivers, veterans and newbies, got a chance to make the nice and begin the week-long family reunion! Though most of the Bullrunners partied hard, there was mischief afoot in the parking garage. The Demolition […]

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