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Andy Duncan Car Domain Interview

We had a few requests to post up the interview Andy Duncan where he talks about all things rally with John @ Car Domain a few weeks ago…The Insider John: Hey Andy, how you doing? It’s John Coyle from CarDomain.   Andy: Hello mate.   John: How’s it going?   Andy: Not bad actually, not bad […]

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Bullrun Team Angry Interview

Never known for using too many words to get his point over, we got an interview with Mike Musto, Mr. Angry from series 1 of the Bullrun Reality show and now a fixture in the Bullrun Rally each year..   How did you come to find out about the Bullrun Rally? • I was at […]

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New Bullrun Shelby Mustang by West Coast Customs

Bullrun picked up their new ride from West Coast Customs last week – a one of one, Shelby West Coast Customs Bullrun edition Mustang. The car has been fully customized by Ryan at WCC and supercharged by Shelby. Will the other Bullruners be able to hang with it in June?

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