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BULLRUN 2014: Washington, DC – Hot Springs, VA

The Bullrunners partied hard at the Ultra Bar last night, in a party that only Bullrun can deliver. When the drivers emerged from their hotel rooms for our 10am wheels up, nobody had the slightest clue where we would be heading. The only direction we were given was that our first checkpoint of the day […]

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BULLRUN 2014: New York City to Washington, DC

The true Bullrun experience began with the epic launch party at the Raven night club in New York City. The Bullrunners showed up in droves, along with New York’s party crowd, to kick off the 2014 adventure! While at the party, we learned that a few of the teams were still without a car. Bobby […]

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BULLRUN 2014: Pre-Rally/Launch Party

It’s time for Bullrun 2014! The drivers of the New York to Scottsdale rally have arrived and it’s time to get things started! Rally registration took place at Studio 4 in the W Hotel Times Square, and the Bullrunners received their first route cards detailing the party location for the night. The Raven Club would […]

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