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The Bullrun 2013 adventure has begun!

The crew arrived in Montreal yesterday in preparation for rally registration and the official Bullrun launch party. The official Bullrun hotel in Montreal is the Intercontinental Hotel in Old Montreal. The drivers began arriving this morning and headed in to the registration office to get their rally credentials, official Bullrun apparel and prepare for the wild week ahead. Essentially, today is the calm before the storm. It’s a chance for the drivers to re-acquaint with old friends and make new ones.

This year we have a great mix of Bullrun veterans and rally virgins. In any case, we’re all family. We’re excited for the week ahead, and we’re sure the rally teams are too.

As per usual, the rally antics are already under way. Drake Kemper of Team Royale showed up in full racing gear and received a true Bullrun welcome from the boys from New Orleans.

Meanwhile, the rest of the drivers headed down to the parking garage to check out the competition and put their official Bullrun livery decals on their Bullrun battle machine. We’ve already seen the Rolling 7 G37, the NOLA Bangers Charger, Team Mustang Girls’ Mustang and many more rides show up with plenty more to come.

Some teams, like the Big Easy Banditz, had to fight their way into Canada. The authorities would not let them in at first, but four hours later, our New Orleans banditz arrived to the hotel, ready to cause some chaos along the route and possibly snag the Bullrun Navigator title this year!

Some of you might be wondering: “Where’s Team Texas?” Well they managed to get a Land Rover Range Rover for the rally, but it’s currently on its’ last breath, only able to go 40mph. The ladies have already called ahead and have a replacement vehicle en-route. Bravo Team Texas!

Tonight the drivers head over to the Velvet Speakeasy, 26 Rue Saint Gabriel Montreal, QC H2Y 2Z9.

The start line tomorrow morning will be at Place Jacques Cartier with the cars lining up from 9.30am EST onward. If the weather does not cooperate with us, we’ll be launching from in front of the Intercontinental Hotel.


Bullrun Crew Chief, Chris Tetterton. Hey Chris, stop sleeping on the job!

Drake Kemper getting his… Bullrun welcome from his NOLA buddies!

Team Wheelz Up, Jeb and Berry, parked their loud as Hell Bullrun GT-R out front, only to be shown up by the Monster Energy monster truck!

Official rally identification is a part of the Bullrun. It’s a status symbol and your key to everything Bullrun while on the event.

Bullrun swag!

Billy Blatty of the Big Easy Banditz had to get special permission to enter Canada. Ricky Chancey and Billy Blatty were stuck at the Border for 4 hours. We don’t know how they did it, but the Banditz somehow pull it off. Nice work guys! True Bullrunners!