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Bullrun 2009 – Opening Party – SoHo House – NYC

The party was excellent.  Much different than Bullrun 2006 NYC opening party at Marquee.  There area lot of new faces this year, a good amount of regular Bullrunners and Bullrun Season 2 on Speed participants.  The playful banter from “regular Bullrunners” and the Reality show participants was lost this year.  There was a lot more trash talk between the two contingents in Montreal for Bullrun 2007.  It’s all in good fun, but it seems as though everyone was there to just enjoy the moment.

It’s always nice to have some celebs in the room.  Kim Kardashian owned a whole side of the lounge room, Bill Goldberg dominated the bar room and Gerard Butler was very much interested in blending in.  That was until he was nice enough to take a picture with Andy and Nick.


Bullrun2009Gerard&Andy Bullrun2009Goldberg&Me

We partied in the Club room which consisted of  three rooms – bar, lounge and billiards room.  We could have done the pool area which was made famous by an episode of “Sex in the City” but this was much better ’cause we could have gotten that on the Penthouse of Gansevoort.

SoHo House Bar

Bullrun2009 - Soho HouseBullrun-2009 - Soho House

SoHo House Lounge

The party will go well into the morning for some.  Other drivers have staked out some great spots at the front.  You’ll hear it many times throughout the week – Bullrun is NOT a race – It’s a rally, but you still want to make good time to each destination.  The 1st “Wheels Up” launch is always packed and it could take you a long time to get to the front to get your route card.  For those of you who don’t know – we don’t know where we are going until we get a route card.  We know we’re going to Austin, but in between is kept very very quiet.  Rumors aside – we really don’t know where we are going and sometimes people will misdirect on purpose. The route card tells all and it’s essential you don’t let it fly out the window before you type your destination into the GPS.

Bullrun 2009 Street 1Bullrun2009PesiMaxStreet

Lamborghini Superleggera, Ferrari Novitec F430 and the Shelby Mustang Bullrun Car.


The Pepsi Max Fantasy Truck Dancer


I look to get some sleep when the sounds of supercar exhaust notes die down.