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Bullrun 2014: New York to Scottsdale

Eleven years, twelve rallies, over 40,000 miles and a massively energetic and crazy bunch of ralliers brings us to this; the 2014 Bullrun rally!

The world famous Bullrun rally will begin in New York City on Saturday June 7th, 2014 and travel across the country. Seven days later, the class of 2014 will find their way to Scottsdale, Arizona. Everything in-between remains a mystery. If we told you what we had planned, this wouldn’t be Bullrun!

With some of the country’s most beautiful scenery and incredible roads on the itinerary, Bullrun 2014 will no doubt be an adventure of a lifetime!


Bullrunners, get ready for New York to Scottsdale!

This year’s rally kicks off with yet another spectacular launch party – one that only Bullrun can deliver, on June 6th, 2014. It is followed the next morning (exact start time TBA) with another fantastic start line location! The exact location is being kept a secret for the time being. The rally will be launch with the wave of the green flag. With a route card detailing the first checkpoint, the drivers will find their way to destination cities along the route, discovering America from a truly unique perspective. The rally will finish 7 days later with a huge finale party that you could only expect from Bullrun in one of Bullrun’s favorite cities, Scottsdale. The final stage of the rally is followed by the Bullrun’s highly-anticipated awards ceremony. Last year we saw one of the biggest battles in Bullrun history battling it out for the coveted Navigator Belt, and this year will be seeing more teams vying for the trophy! Ricky and Billy currently hold the title, but will they be able to hold on to their prized Navigator Belt again this year?

This year’s route is going to impress even the most seasoned Bullrun veteran! You never know where the rally will head next. We could be heading South one day and North the next – such is the mystery of the Bullrun rally! With so much ground between New York and Scottsdale, it’s truly anyone’s guess as to where we’ll be heading. Bullrunners, bring your A-game! Race tracks, guided tours, amazing food and more are expected to be on this year’s menu, so be prepared for a wild and crazy ride! Because the exact locations are kept a secret until the route cards are handed out. Each year the Bullrun drivers participate in an adrenaline-pumping experience they’ll never forget! Not to mention we’ve got some great checkpoints this year!


Here’s how the rally works:

The Bullrunners will start each day not knowing where they will be heading next. Such is the allure of this wild adventure. At the beginning of each day, the Bullrunners will be handed their route cards that contain the much anticipated route details. The drivers will navigate their way to a series of checkpoints, learning their next destination as they receive their next route card. We could be heading to a racetrack, a unique dining experience, a well-known city or a small town that you’ve never heard of, but will be sure to visit again. As always this year’s Bullrun rally will be fuelled by an impressive schedule of events that will remain top secret until each leg begins. Have no fear, the route this year will blow you away!

This year’s rally takes place from June 7th- June13th (with registration on June 6th) and we’re sure it will be the most glamorous rally of 2014! That’s a given!

As with every year, the 2014 rally drivers will be the stars of the original Bullrun television show; “Cops, Cars and Superstars”. The show will be in its 11th season and currently airs in over 96 countries around the world including the United States of America! Yes, the 2014 rally, as will years past, will be broadcast in the USA on Hulu and in the UK on Channel 4! You could be one of the stars of the show!


What can you expect from this year’s rally?

Fantastic cars, great people, exclusive Bullrun only events, mind-blowing roads, incredible scenery and some top-tier racing circuits. As with every year, the Bullrun will be joined by special celebrity guests from the worlds of sports, music and entertainment, but most important of all, petrol-loving, rubber-burning gearheads. Of course we’ll also be hosting some of the best parties and music performances in Bullrun history. Above all else, everyone will have one hell of a good time! Get ready to take on this incredible adventure!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of one of the most exclusive events in American motorsports? To sign up for the Bullrun 2014 Live Rally, please contact and be sure to provide details including your name, your co-driver’s name, the car you intend on driving, and some background info on your teams and why you want to be a part of the Bullrun. The entry fee for the rally is $20k per team. This fee covers you and your co-driver for the duration of the rally. The fee includes accommodations at 5-star hotels, 1st class meals, epic parties, and admission to Bullrun’s impressive schedule of events for the 2014 rally.

You don’t want to miss out on this year’s festivities. It’s going to be a blast, so don’t miss out! Get ready for the rush of your life!