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Day 6 has arrived, and the drivers woke up in beautiful Klamath Falls, Oregon. The drivers were treated to spacious houses on the ranch last night, and got to see a private screening of last year’s Cops, Cars & Superstars TV show.


When the teams arrived yesterday, the Dudesons were able to get the Wu’s back for their mischievious pranks earlier in the rally. The Team Wu Border Patrol van was full of feathers. But the Wu’s warned that the Dudesons would need to sleep with one eye open because another prank would be coming their way very soon.

Dudesons Feather Prank

Come morning, the Dudesons were ready to roll! Every day these Finnish dudes have a different costume. They’re entertainers for sure!


The cars lined up for the start, ready for the unexpected. The route cards were handed out and the teams hit the road for checkpoint 1 – Lucerne, CA. Finally, the rally would be leaving Oregon.


Route Card

The Big Easy Banditz took to the streets, eager to get ahead of the rest of the drivers. With Billy at the wheel and Ricky navigating, the team has been working in synergy.  When you’ve won the Navigator Award once before, you don’t want to give away your secrets, so you need to stay as far away from the group as you can. But Team Hudson was right on their tail.

Banditz in the lead

Unfortunately for many of the teams, a police roadblock put a damper on their day. Most of the cars that were bunched together got pulled over for a talk with the local law enforcement.


But Team War Wagon, Ryan and Chris, in the Jeep Wrangler slid on past the roadblock undetected. Their Jeep is a stealth machine – unlike the many Porsches and Ferrari’s on the event.

War Wagon sneak by cops

For the drivers who took an alternate route, the open roads greeted them, and the state of California welcomed them back. Mount Shasta sat on the horizon, making for a great photo opportunity. The sights you see on Bullrun are something else! This year the drivers have gotten a chance to drive some great roads and witness truly breathtaking landscapes.

Porsche Wahe

But as the teams got 40 miles out of the first checkpoint of the day, Jennifer Nicole in the Team ID Agency Lincoln MKX, pulled a dastardly trick. As she passed some roadwork, she asked the locals to hold back any Bullrun cars for as long as they could. Obviously her plan worked, and the ID Agency team continued on their way to Lucerne.

Stuck in traffic

Team CEC, aka ‘Team Leisure’ has been having a superb rally so far. No tickets, a detour to a NAPA Valley winery and pure enjoyment on the road. But then this morning, the CEC crew met a new friend.

CEC Pulled

The teams grabbed their route cards from the Bullrun checkpoint vehicle and headed to the next checkpoint at Gotts, St. Helena and then onward to the final checkpoint of the day – the Dream Inn, Santa Cruz, California.

Dudesons Boat

While en route, the Dudesons took over a pirate ship of their own and took a prisoner.

The first arrival of the day was Team 13 – Jason Weiss and Michael Schwab in the camo Panamera Turbo. Second in was Bill Sheppard in the rented red Camaro and third was Team Karma in the black Porsche Panamera Turbo.

Stay tuned for more Bullrun madness on the final day. Who will take home the Navigator Award this year? There’s a number of teams in the running. We’ll find out who it is tomorrow! Back to Los Angeles baby!