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Bullrun 2012 – Day 5 Recap!

Portland, Oregon welcomed the Bullrunners with sunny skies on Day 5 of the world’s most glamorous rally! The drive yesterday took its tole on some of the drivers, but for many, the party raged on until the early hours of the morning.


The drivers got out of bed and headed down to the parking lot to find their cars in an interlocked mess. The Bullrunners sure didn’t park like this the night before! Anyone who has ever played the game ‘Rush Hour’ would recognize this sight. Now who on earth would pull such a dastardly prank and move every single Bullrun car so that they were all boxed in? Wu?!? We know it was you!


Team Wu – the dastardly bunch of pranksters on the rally, sneakily rearranged all the Bullrun cars last night. We knew the Wu’s were devious, but they’ve never done anything like this before!

The cars were nicely lined up when the Bullrunners headed off to the party, but when they awoke – things were different! Quite a bit different!

Prank 1

When the Dudesons arrived to the hotel last night, the Wu’s greeted them with their flower cannon and blasted our Finnish friends’ pink pig-mobile.


As the drivers lined up their cars on Day 5, rumors began to spread. Where would the rally be heading today? Some thought Salt Lake City would be the day’s destination, while others thought it would be a shorter drive.

When the rally departed Portland, and the drivers received their route cards, they learned that Bullrun was heading to Oregon Raceway Park.


The teams took off down the road, excited to hit the track once again. Yesterday’s first place team took off ahead of the pack. The Big Easy Banditz, determined more than ever to take back the Navigator Award, readied themselves for checkpoint 1. The Banditz bought Billy’s Mercedes ML63 for the rally in the hopes that they would fly under the radar. Though Billy, the driver for the team, was arrested earlier in the week, the team has been performing very well and with the help of second navigator, Shaun, they have successfully placed in the top three at most checkpoints on the rally – exhibiting true navigational prowless!

Banditz POV

Team Hudson on the other hand was met on the highways or Oregon by the state police. Driver, Seth, was placed in handcuffs and taken to the county jail. Unbelievably, co-driver, Tony, bailed him out, and in less than four hours, met the rest of the drivers at the race track.


The Oregon State Troopers were out in full force today. Nice cars on the highways of Oregon aren’t an everyday sight.


The rest of the drivers arrived at the track, ready for some fast-paced racing! First in? Michael Schwab and Jason Weiss in the blue camo Porsche Panamera Turbo

The Dudesons vehicle, dubbed ‘Britney,’ suffered a drug addiction earlier in the week when the Wu’s dumped a bag of flower in Britney’s snout. Now Britney is out looking for more of the white powder. Maybe in the Ferrari 360’s engine bay?

Sniffing Ferrari

After some hotlaps on the road course, the drivers hit the road, heading to Crater Lake, Oregon to grab their next route card.

Once again, Team Hudson was pulled over, but despite rumors of Seth being arrested again, the team got back on the road.

1st or jail

While en route to Crater Lake, the teams encountered snow. Even though it’s June, the national park still had plenty of snow on the ground – but it made for a very beautiful drive.

Snow Drive

Not soon after, Michael Schwab in the blue camo Panamera Turbo, Bill Sheppard in the red Camaro, Seth Rose and Tony King in the White GT-R, Aaron and Randy in the BMW X6-M and a few others encountered the park rangers.

Road Block

They continued down the road to encounter the lake with an island in the centre. Whoever says that this isn’t a spectacular sight mustn’t enjoy the scenery.

Crater Lake

The drivers then picked up their route card and headed on to the final checkpoint – Klamath Falls, OR.

First to arrive at the final checkpoint was Greg and Wahe in the red 2012 Porsche 911. Ben Taylor in a rental Camaro showed up second, and the all-female team, Team Karma, came in third.

Team CEC, also known as ‘Team Leisure’ – Claus and Joaquin in the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Todd Kraines in the Porsche Panamera Turbo rejoined the rally after a NAPA valley winery detour yesterday.

Team CEC

But the CEC crew was ready to prank the Bullrunners with a check-in table diversion.

CEC Prank 2

Pretty sneaky guys! They certainly fooled a few Bullrunners who came running to the check-in table!

Team CEC Prank

We’re glad to have Claus and the CEC crew back for the final two days of the rally!

Where will Bullrun be heading tomorrow? We’ll find out in the morning! Only two more days until we hit Los Angeles and complete the West Coast Loop!