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Bullrun 2012 – Day 4 Recap!

Morning in Boise, ID, and the sunrise was picture-perfect! So far the rally has traversed across a variety of landscapes, leading us to the plains of Boise. Last night’s party raged on until the early hours, and of course Team Texas took centre stage and partied hard in true Texas fashion!



But when the drivers awoke, a nasty prank had been pulled on one of the drivers. Bill Sheppard did last year’s rally in the silver Mercedes S63 and won the DTA Posse’s best team award. This year Bill couldn’t get his new rally vehicle prepared in time, so he had a red Camaro waiting for him at LAX. Hopefully he took out a full insurance policy on the car! That will buff out, right?


But the tacky spray paint wasn’t enough to slow Bill Sheppard down. After all, he placed third overall in yesterday’s driving leg. We have to say, he’s got navigational skills this year!

As the Dudesons stretched their legs and chased each-other across the parking lot, the route cards were handed out.


The drivers hit the road for their lunch stop in Oregon – so the drivers headed West! The rally has never been through Oregon before, but the drivers were in for a real treat! The windy roads would prove to be a challenging drive – but worth it.

The drivers stayed in a tight pack while en route to the lunch stop.


route card

Team Yeti took the lead in their stealthy Subaru WRX “Survey Vehicle” but were quickly overtaken by Seth and Tony in the Hudson Jeans GT-R.


After a delectable meal in the small town of Mitchell, Oregon, the drivers had no idea what was in store for them. A long drive awaited them.


The skies started to cloud over, and it was revealed that the final stop of the day would be Portland, Oregon. The drivers pointed their cars straight into the rain.


Seth and Tony took the lead right away, but their lead was taken away when they saw flashing lights in their rear-view mirror. It seems that you don’t have to do anything wrong to get pulled over. We wouldn’t be surprised if the local police started issuing tickets for ‘driving while Bullrunning.’

Even after being pulled over, the guys managed to find a decent route, which took them back to the front. The roads were amazing!

Beautiful Roads

But the DTA Posse BMW X6 M driven by Aaron Guardado and Randy Brown caught up quickly and stuck with the GT-R for the last 100 miles or so, eventually passing team Hudson.


But it was Billy Blatty, Ricky Chancey and Shaun Viola who claimed victory today by showing up first to the Boise checkpoint in Billy’s 600hp Renntech Mercedes ML63 – stealth is key! The Banditz are a team to watch out for in the days to come! They’ve claimed the Navigator Award once before – and they very well might claim it again this year!

Not far behind the Big Easy Banditz was the DTA Posse’s BMW X6-M and the newly spray-pained Camaro of Bill Sheppard.