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Bullrun 2012 – Day 3 Recap!

Good morning Bullrunners! Day 3 began at the Hyatt lake-side resort on lake Tahoe, NV. What a sight! One thing about this year’s Bullrun route is that it is truly scenic! First the drivers took a costal drive up to San Francisco, then into the California forests to Lake Tahoe. Now we’ve got mountains on the horizon!

Team Texas

Last night the Dudesons arrived at the back of the pack – which seems to be the theme this year. If you can’t beat the Dudesons to the checkpoint, then you must have taken the long route – that or you’re navigationally inept!

Dudesons Arrive

After the Dudesons left their vehicle for the night, the Wu’s struck again! The Dudesons’ pig-mobile suddenly got addicted to Cocaine, which we can thank Team Wu for! Well, it was flour actually, but it sure did look convincing!

britney drug 2

Jukka, Jarppi and HP took the Lake Tahoe checkpoint opportunity to spread some of their pig Britney’s ashes on the beach.

scattering ashes

Then, as morning came, the teams dashed for their cars and received their first route card. Time for breakfast!


Unsurprisingly, Team Hudson beat the other teams to the punch – arriving to the checkpoint first. Team Yeti and Team Big Easy Banditz arrived soon after.

While at the checkpoint, Seth and Tony took the opportunity to tie the knot… the guys were joking that they argue like a married couple, and earlier in the leg, Tony told Seth to turn left right out of the starting gate and everyone else turned right – a move Tony thought would have been catastrophic. It turned out that they had the better route. Apparently there was a lot of yelling inside the car, but it all got resolved when they showed up to an empty parking lot and were clocked in as the first team to arrive.

Hudson married

After filling their bellies, they headed on to Reno-Fernley Raceway for some hotlaps.

race track

Who won the hotlap competition? We can’t say – but Drake Kemper in the red 2013 Porsche 991 sure did have a good racing line! Team War Wagon in the Jeep Wrangler on the other hand had difficulty keeping up to Drake, and was the slowest car on the track. But we have to give Ryan and┬áChris some credit – they came in 9th overall to the checkpoint. For two Bullrun rookies driving a Jeep, that’s a very impressive feat!

It was soon time to hit the road for the next checkpoint.

DTA at the raceway

A long haul too Boise, ID, got the drivers scrambling to their cars. Anyone who wanted to make it there before nightfall had to get on the road quickly and start planning their route.


Jennifer Nicole and the ID Agency team in the Lincoln MKZ cruised on ahead, taking a mountainous route to Boise. Luckily for them, they avoided the police for the most part. Many of the other drivers weren’t so lucky!

Team ID

For some drivers, the long journey towards Boise required some entertainment. Stephen Tramuta of Team NoLa Rollas gave his fellow drivers a shot of his rear-end. Nobody passes Drake and Stephen in their brand new 2013 Porsche 991!


Nevada was crawling with police – and not because the Bullrunners were doing anything wrong. Something about having stickers on your car seems to draw their attention. Hmmmm…


For Team Hudson, their first-place streak was cut to an end. During the long haul to Boise, the front splitter on the car came flying off.

First into the Boise, ID, end-of-day checkpoint was the Big Easy Banditz – Ricky, Billy and Shaun. Second to arrive was Wahe and Greg in the red 2012 Porsche 911 and third into the checkpoint was Bill Sheppard in the red 2011 Camaro rental.

Big Easy 1st

For Shaun, this called for a special victory dance with a very special Hello Kitty mask ‘borrowed’ from Team Karma.