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Bullrun 2012 has begun! The drivers had a blast at the official Bullrun kickoff party last night at the Sky Bar, and come this morning, everyone was ready to hit the road. Rumors began to spread about where the rally would be heading. San Francisco seemed to be a common one.

Hollywood Boulevard lit up with a variety of expensive and unique rides and some very unique characters as well.

Team Texas showed up wearing police uniforms – matching their Bullrun 2012 ride, a U.S. Border Patrol van. It’s fair to say that Team Texas got a lot of attention on the starting grid!


From the A-Team van and the Dudesons’ pink ‘Britney the pig’ mobile to the green Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster and Morgan 3-wheeler, the Bullrun cars this year are as diverse as ever!

The rally set up camp in front of the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. Some of the Bullrun crazies were even stranger than the usual Hollywood Boulevard characters.


Flag Drop


The Dudesons, in memory of their pet pig Britney, who died less than a week ago, decided to dress up as pigs themselves as they get ready to scatter Britney’s ashes along the route. The Wu’s… who knows what the hell they were, but they sure did draw a lot of attention to themselves. Keep an eye on these two teams, because a prank war has already begun! Notice the sticker on the back window of the Dudesons’ ride? Yes – that was Team Wu.


Of course Jeb Lopez of team [a] list games/ Wheelz Up! showed up as his wildest alter ego yet – Jeba the Bullrun fairy. Weird! Jeb says his wife Angela dared him to do it, so he listened to his wife and dressed up ad Bullrun’s one and only fairy.

jeb Bullrun fairy


The drivers were called in for the all important Bullrun driver’s meeting. Safety rules, regulations and general Bullrun housekeeping details were discussed, then Hollywood Boulevard turned into a war zone! The drivers revved their engines, and readied themselves for the week ahead.


Team Hidson Jeans, Seth and Tony, brought along last year’s Navigator belt for good luck. Maybe they’ll bring home the Navigator Award again this year – it’s anyone’s for the taking at this moment.


Ricky Chancey and Billy Blatty of the Big Easy Banditz showed up to the starting grid on a red motorbike with a side car. Ricky of course dressed up as Ricky Bobby, and Billy as Jean Gerard. Watch out for these guys because they’re looking to take home the navigator Award this year and earn some style points while doing it!

Ricky Chancey

As the drivers hit the road, the fun truly began. For some teams, focusing on the road ahead and planning every turn and exit is key – but for other teams like the Team Wu/ Team Texas hybrid team in the Border Patrol van, it’s all about fun and games. What a zoo it must be inside their car!


The Team Hudson GT-R scrambled right to the front of the pack. Michael Schwab in the blue camo Porsche Panamera gave them a run for their money as the teams hit the crowded streets of Los Angeles looking for the quickest way out of the city.


The drivers headed for checkpoint 1 – Pismo Beach, CA, for lunch.


Of course, as the teams arrived to the checkpoint in a fireball of fury, it was Team Hudson jeans who outwitted the other teams. Team Big Easy Banditz were a very close second – a mere 20 seconds behind actually. They just couldn’t catch the GT-R of Seth and Tony. But there’s still plenty of checkpoints to go! The Banditz are going for the gold!


Some of the other drivers weren’t so lucky. A group of Bullrun drivers got pulled over by the California Highway Patrol and held for questioning. The police had no reason to arrest the drivers, so they continued on their way to the Pismo Beach checkpoint.


After a bite to eat and a chance to share stories, the Bullrunners got their next route card, detailing their next checkpoint in San Francisco, CA.

The Dudesons took the opportunity to scatter their pig Britney’s ashes in the Pacific Ocean.

Dudesons Britney Ashes

The drivers hit the road and continued on their way to the city on the bay, where an epic party at Rogue nightclub awaited them. The Bullrun hotel for the night was the Sir Francis Drake Hotel.

Bullrun Team Remix


First into the San Francisco checkpoint was Team Hudson, last year’s Navigator Award champions in the white Nissan GT-R. Second place into San Francisco was Team Yeti in the white Subaru WRX and third was Team Karma (an all female team) in a black Porsche Panamera Turbo. Meanwhile, Team Big Easy Banditz – that’s a whole other story. Let’s just say that tow truck isn’t towing them because the car is broken.