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Six years ago we saw one of Bullrun’s most favorite teams pull up to the start line in Calgary with wide eyes, not knowing what to expect. Now, six rallies later, they’re a yearly staple that are so engrained with the rally that we couldn’t imagine a Bullrun rally without them. Team Texas is made […]

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Girls, girls, girls!!!

Michelle and Chelsea, Team Mayhem, were ‘newbees’ for this years rally and once again the girls stood their ground with the hard core multi-year Bullrunners. Could they drive, yep! Could they party, hell yeah!!

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Bullrun 2008 – Park City Baby!

Park City on a Monday night in summer is normally a sedate affair especially considering it’s mormon country…enter Bullrun, a bunch of amazing cars and a crowd with a huge appetite to party! Bullrun threw a huge party at Harry Os in PC and brought in Barry Ashworth from the Dub Pistols in the Uk […]

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