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BULLRUN 2014: Awards

At the end of the Bullrun Rally, it’s tradition to hand out some awards to the teams that participated in the seven-day adventure. The awards range from Rookie of the Year to the coveted Bullrun Navigator Award. Here’s how the Bullrun awards were dealt out this year: Best Car Award: Andy and James (Team Red […]

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BULLRUN 2014: Santa Fe, NM, to Scottsdale, AZ

It’s the final day of Bullrun 2014 and the fatigue is really starting to show. The Bullrunners partied into the early hours of the morning at the hotel in Santa Fe, but the 10am wheels up call threw everyone for a loop. Teams awoke to find most of their cars pranked, including Drake and Phil, […]

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BULLRUN 2014: Dallas, TX, to Santa Fe, NM

It’s day 6 of the Bullrun 2014 Rally, and things took an interesting turn. Last night one of the team members from Team Mustang Girls had to take a flight home, leaving the navigator spot vacent. A 6:30am call from Courtney of Team Mustang Girls got the day started with a lurch. Since today’s drive […]

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