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About Bullrun



Bullrun Live Rally

The Bullrun Live Rally is the most glamorous and high profile of the new breed of high-end luxury lifestyle automotive rallies. Each year, a hundred of the world’s finest super-cars embark on an epic eight-day rolling party across the USA – bringing together a celebrity strewn cast of characters and petrosexuals for an unforgettable adventure – where the only obligatory goals are to party, drive and enjoy!

Fueled by an impressive schedule of public and private events at the finest venues and hotels and in the most exciting cities in America, The Bullrunners make their way from one checkpoint to the next, learning their destinations daily, winding to a close each night in the party capitals of America.

Entry is by invitation only and Bullrun never takes more than 100 cars to make sure everyone has a good time – our parties are legendary. Registration thereafter is on a strictly first come, first served, basis. The rally has attracted numerous celebrities in the past including; Dennis Rodman, Hayden Christensen, Ryan Dunn, Carl Lewis, Mario Andretti, The Cuban Brothers, The Dub Pistols, Vanilla Ice, Bill Goldberg, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and many more.

The entry fee for the Live Rally event is $20,000 per car – covering event entry fee for two drivers, 5 star accommodation for 7 nights, first-class meals and top-notch parties at the best venues, and Bullrun exclusive checkpoints including track events at some very famous racing circuits.

The Bullrun Live Rally is filmed by Giant Film&TV for a TV show entitled ‘Cops, Cars & Superstars.’ The show airs in 96 countries worldwide and is now in its 8th season.


Bullrun Reality Show

The Bullrun Reality show is an American TV show following 12 teams of two drivers in an elimination game show format. Each day the drivers are given a route card that tells them where to go next. They encounter a series of checkpoints before ending the day at the final destination. Teams are not allowed any form of electronic navigational aid – and are forced to read maps to find their way through the back-roads of America to their next checkpoint. At the end of each driving leg, teams are faced with an explosive adrenaline pumping challenge in which three teams must battle it out for survival. The two slowest teams from the driving leg are automatically in the challenge. The third team is chosen by the day’s driving leg winner. At the end of the challenge, the team with the slowest time is eliminated from the show.

Season 1 of the reality show was featured on MTV network’s Spike TV. This seasoon featured a different show format. Each day started out with a driving leg which brought teams to the mid-day checkpoint. At the checkpoint, teams encountered an explosive challenge. The first two teams to arrive at the mid-day checkpoint chose two teams each to battle it out in the challenge – ranging from chasing down a flaming bus, to navigating an obsticle course in a parking garage. Teams swapped their official times for the driving leg depending on their placing in the challenge. Teams then made their way to the fnal checkpoint of the day – where the team with the slowest overall driving time was promptly eliminated.

Seasons 2 and 3 were featured on FOX network; SPEEDtv, with a fourth season in the works.

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