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BULLRUN 2014: Team Mustang Girls Keep On Truckin’!


Driver: Courtney

Navigator: Lisa

Car: 1965 Ford Mustang with a 351 Windsor motor and a host of modifiecations

Rally History: The oldest car on the rally is back! Team Mustang Girls will be joining us once again for their fourth Bullrun adventure! Courtney Barber first joined the Bullrun family when she completed the 2011 rally from La Vegas to Miami in her custom-built 1965 Ford Mustang. Courtney has built this car herself and has done plenty of modifications to keep her baby running strong! Last year she upgraded to a 351 Windsor engine so she would have a hope of keeping up to the other cars on the rally, but Team Mustang Girls sometimes goes off the beaten path and takes the scenic route. This year Courtney will be joined by her best friend, Lisa, who will join the team in the role of Navigator.

With no air conditioning and no adjustable seats, it may seem like the 1965 Mustang isn’t the wisest choice for a rally, but Courtney has brought this same car on the rally for three rallies now. On top of that, she’s driven to the start line and home from the finish line. In 2012, totaling 8,000 miles! What a trooper! Team Mustang Girls will keep on trucking this year as we drive from New York City to Scottsdale!


Read our Q&A with Courtney Barber of Team Mustang Girls here:


1. Who makes up your team, and what roles will each team member play?

  • This year my navigator will be Lisa. It’s her first rally so she has no idea what she’s in for! I will be driving.

2. Which car will you be driving? Please describe any modifications you’ve done.

  • We are taking a ’65 Mustang, the same car as every year. I upgraded to a 351 windsor last year and this year added Speed Direct’s rack and pinion and coil over suspension so we may actually keep up if we don’t get too distracted. I’m working on AC now but with 2 weeks to go who knows, but my fingers are crossed.

3. What makes it your best vehicle choice for Bullrun 2014?

  • It’s not at all! But that’s what makes it fun. No AC, the seats aren’t adjustable, everything rattles,if you hit a bump while turning the horn honks and ever since the engine swap I get about 12 mpg.. But I love my car so it’s perfect. I also do a lot of the work on the car myself and travel with tools so if something does break hopefully we can rig it to keep going. My car isn’t for everyone but Lisa does hot yoga and kickboxing so I think she can handle it.

4. What is your team’s Bullrun 2014 strategy?

  • Keep On Trucking is usually running through my head on repeat

5. Going off last year, tell me about the in-car dynamic.

  • I drive and the navigator is in charge of everything else. Anyone that gets a text from me should say hi to Lisa! It’s pretty relaxed, windows down and music playing.

6. What is your top Bullrun moment?

  • Making it to the end in Miami in 2011. We were newbies, overheated a few times, didn’t get to a check point until 4 am and busted a fuel line but we made it We even won a Bullrun merit award but I think that’s just because they felt sorry for us.

7. What is your favorite city or checkpoint Bullrun has visited?

  • My favorite city was Orlando. It was at this amazing hotel with a lot of horse statues. I think it had a lot to do with the people though. That night David Persall rented out a banquet room for everyone to hang out and it was just one of those crazy Bullrun nights. I remember having races with dolly’s stacked with chairs. we saran wrapped the Dudeson’s Hummer and we even rode the horse statue in front of the hotel!

8. List three items that you can not rally without.

  • I feel like answering that would set us up for a prank. My locks only work some of the time! I plead the 5th.

9. With Bullrun being so competitive, how will you try to stay one step ahead of the other teams?

  • Last year Andy asked me if just once we could be in the front at wheels up in the morning. We don’t mind being last, someone usually saves us dinner!

10. If you could give your team one Bullrun award (fictional or real,) what would it be and why?

  • The Longest Route Ever Award. If we have to get there and the car has to get there then why not just drive? No shipping required. In 2012 we did over 8000 miles in 17 days with the LA loop and going to and from South Carolina. It may sound crazy to some but it beats flying in my book all day long!