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Bullrun Racing picks up youngest team member!

Like most kids, Ollie wants to be an Formula 1 driver. But recent events have brought him one step further to achieving his dream, even if he’s still a long way off.

Karting for Ollie has always been a passion. Starting on a family holiday in Cornwall after having just 15 minutes in a corporate kart, Ollie was just six-years-old. Then for Christmas in 2011, he received a course of 5 days in Manchester with Daytona to learn the basics of karting. The final day of his karting experience consisted of a practical and theoretical test. He was then asked to compete once a month course on an indoor track. It took only the two rounds before he one his first trophy!


So Christmas in 2012 was time to make the big jump. Ollie purchased his own Kart to compete outdoors as part of the MSA club series at Whilton Mill. March 2013 saw Ollie take his racing licence (ARKS) test and prepare for his firstt race as a novice driver (you have to do this for 5 race meets, gaining signatures for each one; proving you are safe and competent.) For these races you have to start at the back of the grid.

Club races so far have seen Ollie travel to Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire & Gloucestershire. Ollie finished his final novice race in May, 2013 at the club meeting in Rissington, Gloucestershire, winning a trophy as big as himself! This makes it three trophies in five races.



Last weekend’s race was part of a special memorial for a long standing servant of the Rissington Kart club who recently passed away. Winning this prestigious trophy along with a new set of tires and a bottle of bubbly for the parents was icing on the cake for his final novice outing. So where is Ollie heading next? And what does this have to do with Bullrun?


Ollie has just secured a sponsorship contract with Bullrun race driver, Richard Adams, who has been following him over the recent season, and believes he has what it takes to go further.

Ollie meets Richard regularly to discuss lessons learnt and how to improve. Ollie was very privileged to be allowed to follow the Britcar Evora team last year at a number of their races learning so much along the way – he actually became part of the team. His new kart looks amazing in the Bullrun Race Team livery! His race number is 51, which is also the same as the Bullrun Lotus Evora’s winning number!


Ollie will now race in a club championship in Northampton along with additional MSA club races across the country but is looking further to next year to compete in a series called ‘Super One,’ which races in England, Scotland and Wales and is televised on Motors TV on Sky.

So come on Bullrun fans, lets get behind our latest recruit and give him some support! We will be updating you with his progress on – but why now follow him directly on his blog and send him some encouragement! Bullrun on!