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Last night the Bullrunners headed down to the Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel for the official Bullrun 2012 launch party. The drivers stayed up pretty much all night having a great time hanging around the pool and getting ready for the days ahead!

Bullrun party 2

We see people from all over the woorld join us for the Bullrun rally! This year we had people fly in from the UK, Spain, Finland and more!

Where else would you see Jarppi from the Dudesons hanging out with Drake Kemper?


Bullrun party 3

MMA Fighter, Josh Barnett, and Toyo Stan, marketing director for Toyo Tires, came down to enjoy the party! What will they be driving this morning? Wait and see!

Mr. Cartoon himself was also spotted at the party! Of course, with the rally being sponsored by automotive detailing company, SANCTIOND, he will be Bullrunning hardcore!

Mr Cartoon

What kind of a party would it be without Jesus? Well he was there! Maybe good luck for the Bullrunners?

Catch the drivers launching from Hollywood Boulevard this morning between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. This year`s rally will be insane! Stay tuned!