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Bullrun 2012 – Day 7 Recap!

Day 7 – the final day! The Bullrunners emerged from their Santa Cruz hotel squinting into the light. The week of exhaustion was almost behind them. With only one more stint back to Los Angeles and a few checkpoints left, the drivers began to realize that their week-long odyssey was about to be over.

DTA Santa Cruz

The teams hopped into their cars and headed to their checkpoint in Fresno, CA. The Race Room would welcome them with a driving simulator challenge.

Br Start

In typical Bullrun fashion, the drivers went every which way, trying to find the best route to Fresno.


Hit the road


Some drivers decided to take a gamble and take what they thought was a shortcut. Team Hudson and Team Kidnice got stuck on the road for 15 minutes as a local farmer moved his cattle heard from one field to another. Could things have gone any worse?


crows cross the road


Many of the teams decided to take an off-road shortcut into Fresno. for those teams brave enough to take on the dirt, it would prove to be a worthy gamble.


DTA X6M Offroad


dirt road Hudson Kidnice


The Race Room welcomed the Bullrunners for lunch and a chance to hone their racing skills on multiple racing simulator machines.


Race Room


Race Room chkpt


Congratulations to speed demon, Drake Kemper, for winning the Race Room hotlap challenge!


DK wins fastest lap


During the checkpoint stop-over, Drake Kemper and Stephen Tramuta won rally-long bet against Ricky Chancey and Billy Blatty. The bet was made on the first day of the rally. The first team to go to jail had to wear wedding dresses on the final leg, and the team that got pulled over the most had to wear the superhero spandex suits.¬†As a result, Drake and Stephen got to be superheroes on the final leg…


Kemper Tramuta costumes


…and Ricky and Billy had to wear wedding dresses – all the way to Los Angeles!


Lose the bet


As the teams left Fresno, nobody knew who would take home the coveted Navigator or Spirit of the Bullrun Awards. With so many teams in contention this year, the results wouldn’t be decided until the teams arrived in LA.




The final stint saw the drivers in a close pack. Team Karma ran along-side team Hudson into LA – holding their own against last year’s Bullrun champions.


Team karma


But Seth and Tony were stopping at nothing to ensure victory for another year.


Hudson Car


As the teams arrived back at Hotel Andaz, they celebrated the hectic and rewarding week that was Bullrun 2012!


Britney Celebrate


Stay Tuned for coverage of the Awards Ceremony!