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Bullrun 2012 – Day 2 Recap!

Day 2 of the Bullrun 2012 rally began with the smell of salt water and a cool morning breeze – San Francisco baby! The drivers partied it up last night at the Rouge Nightclub, and what a party it was! Yesterday’s driving leg saw Seth and Tony of Team Hudson show up to the final checkpoint way ahead of the pack. This is not surprising because the duo of Seth Rose and Tony King are looking to do the impossible and take home the Navigator Award for the second year in a row!

San Fran

Team Yeti in the Subaru WRX showed up in an impressive second. Effrin Castro, driver of the yeti-mobile, has been Bullrunning since 2010. he knows the ropes, and it’s time to aim for the top!

Team Karma, newcomers to Bullrun, placed third – showing that they have navigational prowless. Nice job ladies! Chi, Diana and Gina had a very impressive showing yesterday. Maybe they’ll be on the podium this year!

Team Karma

Of course, the wild party last night went on until about 3:00 a.m. Bullrun parties always entertain!



But while most of the Bullrunners were out partying, the Wu’s were out pranking. It seems that Team Wu and the Dudesons have waged war on each-other and are stopping at nothing to out-prank the other team. Team Wu cleverly surrounded the Dudesons’ Britney-mobile. Bill Wu commented that pigs belong in pens, so the Dudesons’ car was no exception.

Wu Prank

At 10:00 a.m. the drivers received their first route card. They headed for UNDFTD headquarters in San Francisco to pick up some Bullrun freebies and collected their next route card. The drivers were heading to a ferry crossing. Here at Bullrun, we like to throw a wrench in everyone’s gears from time to time. We love ferries because they stir up a lot of trouble.


After a navigational error, Team Hudson ended up making a wrong turn and had to take two ferries to catch back up to the other drivers.

Meanwhile, the small ferry could only handle a few cars at a time – so the drivers had to patiently wait for it to return. The ferry crossing put some drivers up to an hour ahead of the rest of the pack. Those who navigated first to the checkpoint got a big lead over the rest of the teams.

ferry crossing


Now what did the drivers do while they waited for the ferry to return? They watched the Dudesons stir up some trouble of course!



The Dudesons entertained the Bullrunners who had to wait an hour for the ferry to return. Teams NoLa Rollas and [a] list games took the opportunity to snap some photos that made for a great story later in the day.

Dudesons Pee break

After finally getting across the river, and getting their next route card, the drivers hit the road once more – heading to┬áthe next checkpoint.┬áDespite a brief navigational blunder early on in the leg, last year’s navigator champs, Seth and Tony, regained some ground by taking some side roads and landed themselves in second at the lunch stop.

Hudson GT-R

Now who in the world beat them to the checkpoint? One of the Ferrari’s? No! It was the Big Easy Banditz in the Mercedes ML63. Though it may look like your average ML, Ricky Chancey modified this Mercedes with an assortment of performance upgrades from Renntech, making this a 600hp SUV! It looks like the battle for the Navigator Award is on!


After a bite to eat at the the Meadows golf club, the drivers hit the road in search of their next checkpoint in Lake Tahoe, CA. What the drivers didn’t know was that in order to find their final destination of the day, they would need to ride a Jet Ski out into the lake to get the route card detailing the hotel for the night.

Jet Ski