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As soon as the Bullrunners arrived in Dallas last night, the party kicked off. This is Team Texas’ hometown, then they were not going to disappoint! The party was by the pool, and the drivers were more than happy to have a few drinks and let loose after a very intense day of driving. The Demas sisters were up all night leading the night’s festivities, but while this was going on, there was some mischief afoot.
Of course, who else could it be? Team Wu! Bill, Allen and Cindi took to the parking lot to terrorize the Bullrun vehicles. Rule number one on Bullrun is never leave your car unlocked. If you do, the Wu’s will do something terrible. Who out there likes the smell of fish? The DTA crew were certainly amused with the idea, and teamed up with the notorious pranksters to stink up some of the Bullrun cars with fish guts. They saved the fish heads for the Dudesons’ Hummer H1. By the end of the night it was covered with fish heads and DTA stickers. If only the Dudesons were aware of what was going on.
As morning drew nearer, the Bullrunners continued to party on. Some may not have slept for more than a few hours this entire trip.
This morning Team Toyo Tires in the VF Engineering M3 was joined by Mixed Martial Arts pro, Josh Barnett! Apparently he’s just as good a driver as he is a fighter!
When the hot Texas morning came about, the drivers were handed their first route cards. They were heading to the Duty Ferry in Duty, Louisiana.
The last time Bullrun took a ferry ride was back in 2007. It created so much chaos that we decided to do it again. Though this time it was just at a river crossing. The drivers had to load their cars onto the small ferry boat and get to the other side before receiving their route cards. This still created some commotion because the ferry could only hold five or six cars at a time. Some drivers impatiently waited for the ferry to return as the small group of cars on the other side of the river departed. Team LuckyNutZ was one of the first to arrive. Something was up, they knew where they were going, however, the elusive Team Exotics Rally in the Hudson Jeans GT-R was the first to arrive. These guys mean business! Ice-T and Coco weren’t far behind. The Yerman vRacing Teeme, Drake and Michael in the matte grey M3 arrived to the checkpoint third. Not bad at all for Drake’s second Bullrun!
While en-route, Claus apparently got a phone call from general Electric’s asking if he would like to extend his warranty on his microwave. As if that was a concern of his.
The Dudesons got overheated in their Hummer on the long roads of Texas and Louisiana, so they stopped off at a service station to cool off. Jumping into an ice freezer migh tnot be the smartest idea, but hey, what ever keeps you cool!
After crossing the river, the Bullrunners stopped for lunch in the sleepy river town of Enterprise, LA at the Jim Bowie Relay Station Restaraunt. Fried Catfish and Ice-T (no, not that Ice-T) were on the menu.
The next route card checkpoint was Hartley’s Interstate Travel Center in Tickfaw, Louisiana. The drivers quickly grabbed their route cards and headed on to their final checkpoint of the day, New Orleans, Louisiana! No wonder Ricky and Dudley knew where they were going – they had a party to set up!
With the word out that New Orleans was on the menu, the drivers picked up the pace to the party capital of the USA! Along the way, the Louisiana Highway Patrol were closely monitoring the Bullrunners. Seth and Tony in the GT-R and Eurocruise and Lil’ Ice were pulled over together and brought to a place where the Christian Church sings loud and proud, and no, it was not a church.
After saving Seth and Euro from a particularly bad fate, Tony and Lil’ Ice knew they were too far behind the rest of the drivers to be able to arrive to NOLA with the pack.
When the drivers arrived in New Orleans, they were greeted by a huge crowd on Bourbon Street. Apparently they knew we were coming, and boy was it a welcome sight to see so many Bullrun fans cheering the driver on as they drove down the street. Though the large crowd did make it hard for some of the drivers to find the Bullrun check-in station.
Claus and Joaquin of Team CEC arrived first, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Joaquin is a superior navigator and Claus is a superior driver – simply put!
Tonight’s party is at the legendary Hustler Club on Bourbon Street. Last time Bullrun was here, the drivers had such a fun time that Andy and David decided to bring the rally back for another insane party. This time Vanilla Ice isn’t just here to enjoy the party, he’s here for the entire rally!
The rumour is that tomorrow the rally is heading straight to the NOLA Motorsports Park, which isn’t even open to the public yet. The track is brand new, so it’ll be fun. Too bad Team Twins isn’t here this year. Otherwise Nicholas Frankl would have won the ‘fastest lap’ award… again!