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Last night’s driving leg proved to be grueling for most drivers. It started to rain after the Chloride, AZ checkpoint, and it got dark quite fast. Keeping pace was quite difficult, but all of the Bullrunners managed to get to the W Hotel in Scottsdale on one piece. Dinner was served at the hotel at midnight for those who were still hungry, and the Bullrun party was at the WET bar and pool. The drivers partied by the pool until the early hours of the morning. Team Texas showed nearly everybody up, partying on until everyone else had gone to bed.
With a 7:30am wakeup call, many Bullrunners called it quits early. A long, late night drive, coupled with the rumour of a long 800 mile drive the following day sent many drivers running for their bedrooms.
When the sun came up the following morning, it was straight to Vivid Racing in Gilbert, AZ for breakfast, and a look at one of the most state-of-the-art automotive tuning facilities in the world. They had some truly fantastic cars on display, and treated the Bullrunners to a live dyno tuning session.
The Bullrunners shared their stories from the day before. Many still couldn’t believe the intensity of the Bullrun start line, and the exhilaration o the zip line to get the first route card. But the best story came from Vanilla Ice. During his night drive, Ice encountered a shredded tire in the middle of the road. He swerved to avoid it, but a piece of it smashed the front bumper in. The damage wasn’t bad, and fortunately Vanilla Ice’s manoeuvre saved the car from being damaged any further. Bravo Ice!
Another topic of discussion was regarding the absence of the red Ferrari F430 driven by Eurocruise and Ice Marrow (Ice-T’s son.) Apparently while en-route to Chloride, AZ, Robert took a wrong turn and headed West towards California instead of South-East to Arizona. He ended up way off course, and managed to crack one of his wheels in the process. Euro and Little Ice spent the night trying to get the wheel fixed, and hired a tow truck to take them to the W Hotel in Scottsdale.
Team Arkansas, Brooke and Amanda, in the Lexus IS350 got a flat tire while en-route to Vivid Racing, and had to hire a tow truck to get the flat fixed.
While the drivers enjoyed breakfast, one reoccurring topic kept coming up. Where in the world will Bullrun be travelling today?
Before anyone could come up with an answer, the Bullrun crew members announced that it was time for wheels up! The route cards were handed out, and in a frenzy of squealing tires, the Bullrunners were off to their first checkpoint in the tiny town of Globe, AZ to pick up their next route card.
Team DTA put on a smoke show for the fans at the Day 2 start line in their Scion xb, but just around the corner, an angry cop was waiting.
The Dudesons were MIA at the morning checkpoint due to them getting lost or sidetracked as they would rather say.
The remainder of the Bullrunners headed out to Globe, excited to figure out where they would be heading next.
Teams, CEC, Sea-Thos, Exotics Rally and Texas were among the first few teams to arrive to the checkpoint due to superior navigation. But soon after, many of them had to make a stop off at a local Taco Bell, and it wasn’t for the food!
The Bullrunners were handed their next route cards when they arrived in Globe, AZ. Next stop, The Buckhorn Saloon and Opera House, Pino Alto, NM.
Unsurprisingly, Team Exotics Rally in the white GT-R was the first to arrive with Team CEC in the C63 AMG close behind in third. Robby Gordon navigated to a top 10 finish, and the rest of the Bullrunners arrived for a delicious meal at the unassuming Buckhorn. As quickly as they arrived, the drivers were off again, this time to their next route card checkpoint in Van Horn, TX. At this point, all rumours that the rally would be stopping in Santa Fe, NM, were put to an end. Where in the world could the rally be heading?
As many drivers later found out, I-10 East was shut down, and the road blocked off, so teams were forced to find alternate routes. Team Exotics Rally, Seth and Tony took to the back roads, hoping it would be quicker than backtracking to route 90.
Prada in Marfa, TX, was the next route card checkpoint. Where in the world is the rally going to end today? A few of the drivers had to stop at the Marfa, TX, checkpoint to relieve themselves before getting back on the road. Nice one guys!
The overnight checkpoint awaited the drivers in the town of Lajitas, at the Lajitas Resort. This town is literally as close as you can get to Mexico without actually going into Mexico! While en-route, some of the more seasoned rally drivers made it to the front of the pack. David Pearsall in the Black Lamborghini Gallardo got ahead of the front runners, and surprised the two leaders, Team CEC and Team Exotics Rally.
Meanwhile, Team LuckyNutz, Texas, Ice-T and Coco, Team AMG and Team Rogue Status drove closely in a pack, helping each-other navigate, and having some fun along the way.
Team Royale, Nick and Phil, in the camouflage Audi R8 took a different route than everyone else to the Lajitas checkpoint. Did it prove to be worth it?
NASCAR and Dakar rally driver, Robby Gordon, was the first to arrive to the checkpoint with Teams CEC Lamborghini, Royale and Exotics Rally in tow.
More stories tomorrow! Stay tuned!