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Bullrun registration is well underway, and the excitement has just begun. Though many of the drivers have already arrived at the hotel, Planet Hollywood, some stragglers are still working out some last minute kinks with their vehicles, and will arrive tomorrow.
It’s great to see so many familiar faces again this year, and it’s evident in everyone’s faces that they are excited for the intense week to come.
Bullrun regulars, Claus Ettensberger and Joaquin Mejia of Team CEC are already talking strategy with their team, and planning their exit out of Vegas, but they have been planning for weeks already and have set up weekly meetings to discuss strategy. Claus is determined to win this year, and is ready to take home the coveted navigator belt once more. He even put his placings thus far in his Bullrun history on the side of his car, just to let everyone know how he plans on being number one this year!
Team Wu, LuckyNutZ, JebAng, Maserati (now Lamborghini,) Exotics Rally, and Texas are among some of the regulars this year, and it’s great to see some familiar faces back on the grid, ready for another wild adventure.
 One of the many eye-catchers this year is Michael Schwab`s Sea-Thos Foundation CEC Porsche Panamera.
The Bullrunners are deffinitly missing some of the regulars who couldn’t make it out this year. Shout out to Team Twins, Team Oh! Canada, Team Diehard, Team Prodigy and Team GLR.
We have also seen a number of new drivers this year, many of which are eager to hit the road. Team Salamone, Bryan and Concubine; have been in Vegas for almost a week now getting in the mood for Bullrun. They even took to the skies a few days ago in a pair of fighter jets to see the bright lights of Vegas from above and to plan their escape route from Sin City… while at Mach 3!
Check out this year`s Bullrun swag! There`s a lot of it!
This year already looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. Team Rogue Status is looking forward to doing their first Bullrun, but they are not by any means rally virgins. The Rogue Status crew has done US road rallies in the past, and they already know what to expect. They brought along two very cool rides this year, a 600hp Scion xb drift car, and an Audi RS4, both with a very cool, special edition Rogue Status wrap. Looks like they also brought along a few sets of spare tires. Is that the smell of burning rubber lingering in the air?
We’ve also got Team Klutch22 from Canada participating this year. Noel and his crew have been busy putting together the official Bullrun tracking app over the past few months, and are eager to see it in action. Bullrun fans will be able to track their favourite drivers, and the app will also allow for drivers to see who is nearby, and can monitor their friends’ whereabouts.
Did we mention that the Dudesons have arrived! They are hilarious, and promised us that they have some fun and unique stuff planned – Finland style! Ever seen their show on TV? Some of the stuff they do… but you`ll see plenty of that in the week to come!
Even though the rally hasn’t even started yet, we’re already seeing some crazy costumes and even crazier behaviour, and we haven’t even seen what the Wu’s are up to yet!
Lieutenant Jeb Lopez of Team JebAng! has been busy busting Bullrunners around the hotel all day, one of his many victims, Claus. Apparently the Kaiser was speeding down the hallways of the Planet Hollywood hotel (not in his Mercedes thank god!)
Tonight’s party is at ‘The Gallery’ inside the Planet Hollywood hotel starting at 10:30pm and going on late into the night. It’s a good thing the rally launch isn’t until 6:00pm tomorrow! It’ll give the Bullrunners a chance to sleep in, which is something they won’t get much of in the week to come.
The drivers’ meeting will be tomorrow afternoon on Fremont Street before the rally arrives in front of over 20,000 spectators. Before the driver’s meeting, we’ll have a brunch party by the pool. Expect to see the Bullrun camera crews in full force!
What’s in store for tomorrow? Only time will tell!

*Special Thanks to Jeb Lopez for the up-to-date information and pictures!