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After yet another late night party, and a fun cruise on a river boat, the Bullrunners awoke on day 6 in the sleepy town of Montgomery, Alabama. The drive ahead intrigued the drivers, and raised many possible routes. One camp was convinced that Atlanta, GA, was the next stop on the itinerary, while others thought Orlando, FL. The crew was keeping quiet, and the Bullrunners would have to wait a few hours before they knew where exactly they would be going.
Last night Team Wu was at it again. Much like last year, Bill, Allen and Cindi replaced the license plates on many cars with their own custom plates. The rookies were the victims this year. Team Rogue Status joined in on the fun and helped Team Wu on their late night pranking session. When the teams awoke the next morning, some noticed right away, while others didn’t even notice at all. They would fall victim to Wu’s vicious pranks later in the day.
The Dudesons partied all night long because they knew in the morning they would be heading back to Finland for a friend’s wedding. It was sad to see them go for sure. They kept things entertaining during the driving legs and at the parties. Every day they had different costumes, and had new antics every day. It was never a dull moment with the Dudesons. We may see their return at the finish line in Miami.
When the route cards were handed out, the drivers frantically scrambled to their cars. With only two days to go, many of the drivers vying for the Navigator Award knew that today and tomorrow would be the most crucial. Teams CEC and Exotics Rally were gone right after the flag drop, and were nowhere to be seen for the first driving leg.
The first leg took the Bullrunners to the Goodman’s Real Pit B-B-Que in Perry, FL. At this point the drivers knew that Atlanta was no longer a possible stop for the day.
Immediately out of the starting line, teams split off in different directions. Everyone thought they had the best route, but only one would get the teams there faster.
For Team Wu it was smooth sailing down the freeway until they noticed a police cruiser in the ditch pull out behind them. The Florida Highway Patrol weren’t in a lively mood, and apparently any car with stickers on it was to be pulled over. Luckily the officers just wanted to know what was going on, and let the drivers go.
Team JebAng! In the red Jeep SRT-8 got pulled over as well, but not for the reason you might think. Last night when Team Wu were running rampant, they tagged Team Rogue Status with a fake license plate, but Jasper of the Rogue Status/ DTA crew caught on, and taped it on Jeb and Angela’s Jeep. Before they could even notice the plate, the rally was off. Team JebAng! Was a victim of a prank gone wrong. The officer noticed that something just wasn’t right about their plate, and pulled them over to see if it was real or not. Unfortunately Team JebAng! Was leading the rally at this point in time, and they had to endure watching the entire rally passing them. However, they were still in good spirits, and ready to bring Gianna to Orlando. Gianna studied the route cards intently, and helped her Mom and Dad navigate to each checkpoint – a true Bullrunner!
For many of the drivers it was a smooth ride to Perry. Team Stabbin’ Wagon in the blue R8 Spyder and Team Sea-Thos in the blue Porsche Panamera cruised along the highway to the checkpoint.Much to the checkpoint crew’s surprise, Team Stabbin Wagon  pulled it off again, and showed up to lunch way ahead of the rest of the drivers. Second in to the checkpoint was Team Jeep SRT-8, Robby Gordon and crew, and third was Team Exotics Rally in the Hudson Jeans GT-R was third.

The Bullrunners settled down for a traditional open flame Barbeque, which most of the drivers quite enjoyed. The checkpoint gave the drivers a chance to relax for a bit before the afternoon’s driving leg took them into the unknown once again.
When the route cards were handed out, some of the drivers were overjoyed to learn that it was Orlando, FL. The drivers would be staying at the Grand Bohemian Hotel for the night.
On the way to Orlando, the Bullrunners found a white van full of Bullrun fans driving down the freeway. It’s always nice to see the fans, but these folks were truly the best! They had “We love Bullrun” written on the back window, and they cheered on the drivers as they went past.
EuroCruise and Lil’ Ice, after abandoning their Ferrari F430 during yesterday’s driving leg, decided to drive in something a little more inconspicuous – a little yellow Chevrolet Aveo. Yesterday they rode along with Team North Coast Nuts in the Silver Porsche Panamera and Robby Gordon in the Jeep SRT-8. Today they have a car to call their own again. They won’t attract much attention in this, but I guess that’s the point. Euro will have a bit of trouble trying to stand up while driving in this little thing.
Team Wu found themselves asking a cop for directions, or maybe simply pleading with the police officer not to pull them over. In any case, we can all agree that Team Wu’s Dodge Charger cop car looks and performs a lot better than the Police Cruisers the Florida Police are using. Maybe they should take a tip from the Team Wu book and buy supercharged Dodge Charger R/T’s.
First to the Orlando checkpoint, none other than Team Exotics Rally! Seth and Tony’s gamble with taking the side roads paid off for them. They even beat the luggage truck to the hotel! Despite leaving three hours later than the truck, and stopping off for lunch, the White Hudson Jeans GT-R pulled in half an hour before the luggage truck showed up on the driveway. Looks like Seth and Tony’s route really was faster! Second to arrive was David and Jason in the People’s Power and Gas Lamborghini Gallardo. They’ve put up a great fight so far in the rally, and are still in contention for the Navigator Award. Third to arrive was Mike and Shari, Team RS Sicks, in the rare Audi RS6.
We’ve only got one more party tonight and one more driving leg tomorrow. Who will take home the Navigator Award this year? Stay tuned tomorrow to find out!