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Bullrun 2009 – Atlanta, GA to Destin, FL (Slocomb, AL – Lunch)

Bullrun 2009 Atlanta W Logo

Leaving Atlanta is not possible without telling you some of the happenings of the night prior.  Bullrun attracts different types of people, but the one thing they all share is a competitive drive.  Claus’ co-driver, Dietmar, is a solid dude but he is around 5’6.  Chris Tetterton is over 200 lbs and played nose-tackle for the Oregen Ducks when they were contenders for the BCS Championship.  Both men decided it was time for them to wrestle in the car port of the W Hotel in Atlanta.

Bullrun 2009 Atlanta Chris and Dietmar Wrestling

Dietmar showed some great strength and agility he gained as a motocross champion, but was overmatched by Tetterton’s mass and bearish strength.  Tetterton picked Dietmar up over his head and started spinning Dietmar around and throwing him around his body at will.  Thankfully Tetterton rememered they were on concrete and his slammed him down gently.

At that moment rally boss, David Green, got in on the action and jumped on Tetterton’s back and tried to choke him out. Tetterton regained his senses before going night night and managed get David in a Kimora arm-bar then transitioned to a sweet rear naked choak.  Now this is all fun and games, but David Green actually did start to fall asleep from the application of the rear naked choke and tapped out.

Hotel staff thought the wrestling matches going on were actaully real and got the Atlanta Police Department to take a look.  When the Atlanta PD finally showed up, all the Bullrunners present were laughing uncontrollably as Dietmar did one-armed push-ups in the car-port/octagon.

Bullrun 2009 Atlanta Dietmar Puch ups

The night came to end which was which was a relief to hotel staff and many of the Bullrunners shuffled off to bed including a girl we have on the rally named Hannah who apparently likes to sleep wherever she like.   Our night in Atlanta, Brooke chose the elevator bank of her floor.  Hannah may be of interest to you if you are a fan of the Speed Channel show.  She is the sister of Brooke who is co-driver in Team Lexus.

Bullrun 2009 Atlanta Hannah sleeping

Thankfully Brooke and Amanda (the other half of Team Lexus) aren’t far behind and get Hannah up into her bed.

The next morning, breakfast was served at Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse and everyone seemed to be their chipper selves. Dietmar looked as normal as ever and one wouldn’t be able to tell he had been involved in a 3 man battle royal the night before.  The launch was from right outside the W in Buckhead.

Bullrun 2009 Destin Atlanta Launch

Team Wu might be this rally’s jokesters, but they are totally serious about navigation and strategy.  Allen Wu rolls a laptop with various GPS tracking systems that can track their exact position and can guide them through various routes based on where Bullrun is heading.  Following Team Wu and not losing them is a great way to ensure you are going the bet possible route a Bullrun Team can go.

Bullrun 2009 Destin Alan Wu Navigator

Bullrun launched out of Atlanta during the moring rush and getting to our next destination was at a leasurely pace which allowed us to rally with people we wouldn’t normally rally with including the vintage musclecar we have on the rally – the ’68 Chevelle driven by Ted Barret and his co-driver/navigator James Andrews. We were headed to Slocomb, Alabama which caused to think about the significance of the town and why we were heading back into Alabama.

The trip through Alabama was one of those kinds that remind you that there is so much of country you just don’t think about much.  Surprisingly, there is a lot to see in small-town America – some nice things and some not so nice things, but its very interesting to see it all roll by.

Bullrun 2009 Destin Souther Mansions

Alabama has nice southern mansions and a pretty cool Donk…

Bullrun 2009 Destin Donk

Since Bullrun is a big family, we visited Slocomb, AL because it was the perfect  distance for a lunch stop and it is the hometown of Rich Brannon of Team Mustang from Bullrun Season 1 on Spike TV.  Rich gained much notoriety from being on the reality series and is super car guy.  He also owns the local Auto Parts store, Brannon Auto Parts and Service Center. Slocomb ended being one of those Bullrun Stops where the whole town comes out to see the cars.  I’m not being negative when I say this, because Slocomb is a great town and the people there were amazing, but I couldn’t not think about the fact that the cars we brought to town likely had a collective value that was more than the real estate in the center of town.

Bullrun 2009 Destin - Slocomb Stop

Bullrunners got to experience some solid southern cooking at Zack’s Family Restaurant.  The brisket and deep fried hamburgers were a big hit.  A lot of local kids showed to take pictures and get autographs.  A bunch of Bullrunners allowed the kids to climb into their cars which brought some massive smiles to some of the kids faces.  We also attracted some local and state level politicians.  We had the Mayor of Slocomb, Rob Hinson and State Senator Harri Anne Smith.  The Kerr’s (McLaren SLR), Mike (Team Shelby)and Claus & Dietmar lobbied hard for increased speed limits for supercars with great handling and Brembo Brakes.

Bullrun 2009 Destin Drivers meeting

The pic below is totally classic.  When I’m back I want crop the pic so we can isolate Harri Anne and Dietmar.

Bullrun 2009 Destin Claus With the State Senator

It was time to go, but before we did, Andy Duncun and the Slocomb police wanted to let everyone know that were going to be escorted, parade style, throught the towns leading out to the Alabama-Florida state line.

Bullrun 2009 Destin Drivers meeting over the shoulder

Bullrun 2009 Destin - The Kerrs with Mayor & STate Senator


Bullrun was apparently big news to the locals as we saw Bullrun fans along the way all the way to Interstate 10 to Destin, FL.  The drive to Destin went very quickly which gave Bullrunners the opportunity to hit the beat for some much needed R&R.

Bullrun 2009 Destin Team Texas on Beach

The weather was perfect for dinner on the beach.  Bullrun verterans were surprised by a guest visitor, Byron from Team Riecke who had to take this year’s Bullrun to tend to business.

Bullrun 2009 Destin Dinner on Beach

One of the funniest occurrences of the Rally happened after dinner when Bullrunners found out that they didn’t have a ride back to the Sandestin Resort because the shuttle bus was no longer running. The Demas sisters came to the rescue when they had enough room for 27 in their Ford F-150.  A new Bullrun record for most people in a car.

Bullrun 2009 Packed Pick New Picture