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Bullrun 2008 Awards Ceremony

West Coast Customs Hottest Ride Award – Andre Betz, Audi R8

Capital Forged Hottest Wheels Award – Gautham Sastri, Aston Martin DBS

The Thompson Green Speed Award – Matt Weekly, SMART Car

Spring Mountain Track Award – Alex Maimon, Porsche 911 Turbo

Miller Motorsports Award – Claus Ettensberger, Porsche 997

CEC Perfomance Award – Firebird Track – Michael Schwab, Ferrari 430

Honorable Mentions: Jason Spangler (driving a bus 5,500 miles), Texas Trio (making it to the end), Lambo Rachel (living and driving like a rockstar), Richard Rawlins (killing his car and getting back on the road 24 hours later), Mike Musto (killing his car and finishing (and killing) a Ford Fusion)…

Navigator Award:

1st Place – Adam Levinson and Wije, Audi R8

2nd Place – Claus Ettensberger and Joaquin, Porsche 997

3rd Place – Bill Wu, Cindy Wu, Alan Wu – Hummer

SPIRIT of BULLRUN AWARD – Cameron and Genevieve, for getting married on the Bullrun in Vegas, getting arrested immediately after. Drving a pink Lincoln that had a top speed of 60 mph for 3,700 miles, always being last and alwasy sticking with it..true Bullrun spirit!!

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