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The launch party last night got the Bullrunners into the swing of things, preparing them for the crazy week ahead.

The drivers, veterans and newbies, got a chance to make the nice and begin the week-long family reunion! Though most of the Bullrunners partied hard, there was mischief afoot in the parking garage. The Demolition Team was victim to Bullrun’s first prank. But hey, it’s bound to happen!

When the sun rose in beautiful Old Montreal, the Bullrunners eagerly anticipated the start, wondering where the rally would be heading first. Rumours began spreading around: Niagra Falls, New York City, Boston, the list goes on. But that’s what makes Bullrun so unique – nobody knows where we’re headed until the teams receive their route cards.

At 10am EST, the cars lined up at Place Jacques Cartier in Old Montreal. Team Wheelz Up managed to get their GT-R up to the front of the starting grid. We already know that Mike and Jeb have the insider knowledge and are set on staying out of reach of the other teams, so the move to wake up early and get pole position paid off for them.

As the rest of the cars pulled up onto the starting grid, the anticipation grew. With many spectacular cars on the starting grid, fans began to gather around to see the drivers off. A Mercedes SLS, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8 GT were present on the grid. Team Oh! Canada brought Lazarus, the notorious Bullrun Porsche 928, back from the dead this year. Man that thing was loud! Good luck to Kevin and Dwayne – we hope their rally is problem-free this year! Drake and Phil of Team Royale showed up in a blue Mercedes CLS, not the Can-am Spyder they led us on to believe they were driving. But it’s probably for the better. Phil’s CLS is wicked fast, plus Drake won’t have to hold on for his life while trying to navigate. When the route cards were handed out, it was revealed that the rally was heading to Schenectady, New York, for lunch.

Team Wheelz Up, the Ferrari 458 Italia, Team NOLA Bangers and Team Rolling 7 took the lead. IT was a bit tricky getting out of Canada, but most teams got out with little problems. The RCMP was out in full force, making sure that the ralliers were under control. We’re not idiots on Bullrun. Unlike some other rallies, our teams are safe and respectful of other motorists. After crossing the border, some teams made driver swaps and it was onward to the lunch checkpoint. First to arrive was Dudley and Bobby of Team NOLA Bangers. The rest of the front runners were right behind.

After a quick bite to eat, checkpoint #2 was revealed. This time it wouldn’t be so easy. The drivers knew they were heading to Philadelphia, but the clue told them they had to pick up a Philly-Cheese Steak and a route card, but neglected to say which Cheese-Steak shop to go to. That’s for the drivers to figure out! It’s a bit more of a game of scavenger hunt this year, but that makes it more fun and keeps the drivers on their toes!

The finaldestination for the day was the Hotel Palomar in Philadelphia. Arriving first to the hotel was the Big Easy Banditz, followed closely by Team Wheelz Up.

The first Bullrun prank took place last night, with the Demolition Team as the first victim. As for who pulled this prank? We don’t know yet. But we’re sure the Demolition Team will get their revenge!

The Bullrun launch party last night was a blast! What a way to kick off the mayhem that is Bullrun!

Team Wheelz Up, first on the grid!

The Demolition Team and Team Pearsall heading to the start line.

Bullrun Crew Chief, Chris Tetterton, adorns a luchador costume and waves the green flag.

Team Pearsall, David and Sylvia, are on the loose! This is David’s fourth Bullrun, but he let his fiance Sylvia take the wheel as they drove to the border. Sylvia can drive! Welcome to Bullrun!

A few of the drivers got pulled over by the police while en-route to the USA/Canada border.

Checkpoint #2 route card.

Team Big Easy Banditz arrived first to the hotel in Philadephia! Ricky and Billy are in it to win it! Team Wheelz Up was not far behind!