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BULLRUN 2013: The journey continues (Day 2)

It’s day 2 of the rally and the drivers awoke bright and early after another brilliant party last night. Philadelphia was great to us, but we can’t hang around forever! The first route cards were handed out and the drivers made their way to a morning brunch checkpoint at Yoders Country Market, which was not counted in the official score-keeping.

It didn’t take long for the teams to separate, with the front-runners using their navigational abilities to outwit the other teams. Team Rolling 7 took the lead as the teams headed off to the Whites Ferry in Dickerson, MD. Here at Bullrun, we love ferry checkpoints because it generates some randomness. It’s all about timing. If you arrive just a little bit too late, you miss the ferry and have to wait for it to come back.

Team Big Easy Banditz and Team Wheelz up got ahead of the rest of the teams early on. Team Pearsall, in usual Bullrun fashion, attracted the unwanted attention of the local police. That’s one way to go from first to last in a matter of minutes. But the Pearsall Maserati wasn’t the only car to be sitting on the side of the road. The Rolling 7 Infinity G37 also stopped road-side for a brief moment before hitting the road once again.

After all teams made it to the ferry checkpoint and claimed their next route card, they began heading towards Elkine, West Virginia. But it wasn’t long before the Bullrunners hit a heavy rain. Environmental conditions change everything when you’re on a rally, so it’s important to understand your vehicle and know its limits, especially when dealing with weather conditions. Since many of the Bullrunners brought all-wheel-drive vehicles this year, driving in the rain wasn’t much of a problem. The drivers all powered on towards the next checkpoint. Arriving in first was Jason and Jan (silver Cayman S,) second was Team Royale (Drake and Phil in the blue CLS63 AMG,) and third was the Big Easy Banditz (silver Mercedes ML63 AMG.)
While en route to the finish line in Staunton, VA, most of the teams hit a bit of a snag. While crossing a bridge in the state of West Virginia, the local police set up a roadblock and stopped most of the teams. There was no incident and the teams were not pulled over for any reason other than a group of high-profile cars traveling together through an area where that is not a normal occurrence. With Team Wheelz Up in the lead, the drivers headed off to the Stonewall Jackson Hotel, Staunton, VA.

Team Rolling 7 can’t catch a break.

Bullrunners stopped in West Virginia with Team Wheelz Up in the lead.

The Ford F150 Raptor of Team Squatting Dog Racing is a beast! We’re glad to have the guys on the rally!

Team Pearsall pulled over. Nice going Dave…

Bullrun checkpoints aren’t always easy to find! But you get to see some cool places along the way, some that you wouldn’t normally visit.

Drake and Phil being… Drake and Phil! These two clowns are hilarious! Oh, and they are outstanding drivers! They had a 2nd and 6th place finish today.

While en route, Team Mustang Girls stopped off at a farm to snap some photos of some goats climbing around on some junkers in the field. Some of the things you see on the road are very strange indeed!

Group photo-op in West Virginia!