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The incredible party last night left many Bullrunners in a daze this morning. Day and night are starting to bleed into each-other, and time seems to be the biggest struggle for the Bullrunners. Not enough time to party, not enough time to drive.
Team LuckyNutZ did it right last night with another fantastic party at the Hustler Club. Last time Bullrun was here was in2009, and we saw the introduction of Vanilla Ice to the Bullrun world. The party was so good, and New Orleans was so hospitable, that the rally just had to go back!
As usual, Team Texas and Team LuckyNutZ drove the party on until the late hours of the morning, and we even saw an appearance from Mr. T!
Overnight, Claus fell victim to a prank, and had his car relocated in the garage. In the morning, when his car was nowhere to be seen, we can only imagine what was going through Claus’ head.
With a very fun evening behind them, the Bullrunners awoke, blinking into the light as the New Orleans Sunrise shone over the city. The French Quarter, now quiet from last night’s festivities, was about to get loud once more as 100 engines revved, and the excited Bullrunners eagerly anticipated their route cards.
Before the drivers left for the checkpoint #1, Michael Schwab of Team Sea-Thos in the custom-built CEC Porsche Panamera, found some 50 flavoured water bottles thrown in his car. Never leave your windows down on Bullrun! Michael, you should know that by now. Let the prank wars continue!
Destination one was the newly opened NOLA Motorsports Park. Finally a racetrack for the Bullrunners to race their finely-tuned cars on! The rally drove together as a police escort led them out of the city. Jarod Reicke, Bullrun 2006-2007, knows almost every police officer in New Orleans, and cleared the Bullrun Rally for the drive ahead, with little to no police interference. Way to go Jarod! The Louisiana Highway Patrol has always been hospitable, but we thank them for their generosity today.
The driving leg, though short, provided the drivers with an opportunity to show off a bit for the cameras. When the drivers arrived, they learned that they would be go-kart racing. The drivers, eager to race, gladly hopped onto the mini racers and sped around the track for a few hours. The winner of the race was Nick Steinman of Team Royale in the white camouflage Audi R8. Second place went to Robby Gordon. Who knew NASCAR drivers were also excellent go-kart racers. Third place was Bullrun co-founder, David Green, who currently races in the Britcar series back home in the UK.
All too soon it was time to leave the track and do some real driving to the next route card checkpoint in Camden, LA.
Team LuckyNutZ, Ricky and Dudley, determined to still be contenders for the Navigator Award, quickly took the lead with Roobby Gordon in the Jeep SRT-8 close in tow. After suffering problems with their custom three-piece HRE wheels earlier in the rally, they suffered seriously in their ability to keep their Mercedes on the road, but they’re back now and gaining ground quickly.
Once out of the Camden checkpoint, the final stop of the day was revealed – The Renaissance Hotel, Montgomery, Alabama.
While en-route, Team Salimone, Bryan and Concubine from New York, decided to stop off for a bite to eat. A traditional Alabama grill was on the itinerary. One thing’s for sure, the locals sure enjoyed seeing the green Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4. One enjoyed it so much, it looks like he passed out (look in the background!)
Meanwhile, Rob Ferretti and Matt Farah in the Cobra R haven’t been having a great run so far, and as Rob puts it, the car is a piece of shit! The thing is, Rob bought the car online, and didn’t see the car until he arrived in LA the day before the rally to pick it up. It seemed okay at the time. The brakes were a bit spongy, but other than that, the car seemed to handle well. Now more problems have shown up. Apparently the aerodynamic body kit isn’t so aerodynamic after all. The front splitter almost broke off the car doing the speed limit. Rob and Matt are just trying to stay with the pack at this point. They do get style points for having one of the rarest cars in the rally, and for wearing some awesome shirts that keep you cool – a necessity in a car with no air conditioning.
As a vicious thunderstorm lurked in the distance, the drivers knew it was either arrive before the storm, or during the storm.
Team Stabbin’ Wagon mapped out their route and pulled out a pair of binoculars, searching the road ahead for signs and unwanted ‘friends.’
An unfortunate casualty today was Robert ‘EuroCruise’ Valik’s Ferrari F430, which suffered froma blown transmission, and started leaking fluid all over the road. Maybe Robert has been drifting a little bit to much this year. No worries though, he and Lil’ Ice will be back on the road tomorrow!
As the thunderstorm began to shoot bright lightning bolts across the sky, Team Exotics Rally bunkered down and prepared for the heavy rain. Seth and Tony were fourth to arrive at the Camden checkpoint earlier today, and were ready to turn that fourth into a first. However, a number of other teams were also trying to outrun the rain to Montgomery.
As the thunderstorm in Montgomery intensified, the first car arrived – the blue Audi R8 Spyder, Team Stabbin’ Wagon! Even through torrential rain, and in a convertible, they managed to out-navigate everyone else. Claus was not happy to say the least. He couldn’t believe that another team beat him to the checkpoint. Next to arrive was the white Lamborghini Murcielago LP640-4, Miguel and Jason. Minutes later, Claus ‘Die Kaiser’ showed up, still trying to figure out how two teams beat him. A top three finish is still very respectable! The black Aston martin from Canada was the next to arrive shortly followed by Seth and Tony in the GT-R. Robby Gordon, Team Sea-Thos, Team Royale and Team Toyo Tires and Team Wu rounded up the top 10.
Waiting for the drivers at the checkpoint was Team JebAng! ready to re-join the rally wiith the joungest Bullrunner in history, Gianna, two-years-old. They’re excited to be back, and even more excited to put their Jeep SRT-8 against the 2012 SRT-8 driven by Robby Gordon. Also at the checkpoint was Bullrun Season 1 Reality show driver, Rich Brannon of Team Mustang.
With the teams running for shelter from the downpour, the rest of the teams scrambled into the checkpoint; eager to see what place they were in.
Dinner tonight is on an old Steamboat on the river, Alabama style! A true Bullrun first! Then the party kicks off tonight after 10:00pm at ‘the Alley!’ It’s going to be a wild night, and the Bullrunners won’t know what’s in store for them until tomorrow.
What pranks will be cooked up tonight? Stay tuned! tomorrow for more Bullrun-mania