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Interview with Claus “Der Kaiser” Ettensberger

We caught up with Claus Ettensberger, CEO and owner of CEC Wheels and President of Brabus USA to get his answers to the Bullrun Q&A. He is currently starring in Bullruns’ series of videos from last years Bullrun rally at the Bullrun homepage and at the Bullrun channel

1. How did you come to find out about Bullrun?

I heard about it through a friend that participated prior

2. Who is your co-driver and how do you know each other?

Joaquin Mejia which I have known for almost 20 years. He is from Mexico City and a car fanatic.

3. Most annoying habit and best quality of your co-driver?

The most annoying habit is that he is trying to tell me what to do. No one can telling me what to do! I know what I am doing.

4. Favourite in-car snacks?

Protein Bar and a Banana

5. How was your first taste of Bullrun?

It was amazing. I had a blast and this is why I signed up again and again.

6. The biggest secret about Bullrun is….?

A secret, DUH!!!_

7. What’s the best thing about Bullrun?

Getting to see DUKE ANDY in action and to be able to ulitize the performance of my tuned cars.

8. Worst hangover you’ve had on Bullrun..?

They are all equally bad. Just kidding, I don’t really drink much when I am on Bullrun.

9. Your in-car soundtrack is…?

80’s music and my friend DJ Sasha’s CD’s. And I also love Madonna

10. Best trick learnt on Bullrun?

I can’t tell you that, otherwise I would lose my advantage for this years event!

11. Favourite rival on Bullrun?

Michael Schwab and Jay Rieckie and of course WU in his purple LAMBO. We love to beat him!

12. What’s the toughest thing about Bullrun?

Trying to keep up with DUKE ANDY and HANDSOME DAVE._

13. The Perfect Road trip for you is…..?

Being able to go fast on an open strech of highway somewhere in Colorado.

16. What cars do you have / do you drive?

Too many to list, it’s m y business.

17. Favourite car

MC Laren SLR 722