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Gas Monkey Garage Raffling Bullrun Rally Car!

Back in 2008, Bullrun veterans, Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kauffman, brought a car on Bullrun that brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘sleeper.’ The puke green 1976 Chevy Caprice that we saw roll up to the Hotel Arts in Calgary was immedietly dismissed as a competitor, but then Richard revved the engine. Bullrunners […]

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Cops, Cars and Superstars 5

As we’ve noted previously the next series of Cops, Cars and Superstars…series 5 hits the UK on Channel 4 in the very near future. The TV networks in the Middle East have stepped up really early this year to purchase the hit series and Bullrun fans in all of the following countries will be getting […]

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Bullrun Team Angry Interview

Never known for using too many words to get his point over, we got an interview with Mike Musto, Mr. Angry from series 1 of the Bullrun Reality show and now a fixture in the Bullrun Rally each year..   How did you come to find out about the Bullrun Rally? • I was at […]

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