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BULLRUN 2014: Pre-Rally/Launch Party

It’s time for Bullrun 2014! The drivers of the New York to Scottsdale rally have arrived and it’s time to get things started! Rally registration took place at Studio 4 in the W Hotel Times Square, and the Bullrunners received their first route cards detailing the party location for the night. The Raven Club would host the ralliers for the official kickoff ceremony for the most insane rally on the planet!


having never been on a rally before, I had no idea what to expect! Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Ricky Chancey of Team Big Easy Bandits, who directed me to the registration room. Official rally lanyards were handed out as was the rally swag.


As the drivers stickered up their cars, nobody knew what to expect for 2014’s annual event. But we were all prepared to have one hell of a good time!






Here’s a peek inside the Bullrun launch party at the Raven!

DSC_1155 DSC_1161 DSC_1177

We are ready to rally!