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BULLRUN 2014: Team Texas is Back for Their 7th Bullrun!


Driver(s): Christina and Danielle Demas

Navigator: Nicole Demas

Car: Unknown (as always!)

Rally History: Bullrun’s longest-standing team is back once again, and we’re excited to have them on-board! Team Texas, consisting of sisters, Danielle, Nicole & Christina, have been rallying with us every year since 2008. This will be their seventh Bullrun Rally! Team Texas is the ultimate trio. Danielle and Christina both take turns driving, with Nicole navigating for the team. In terms of what they will be driving… it’s the same question every year.  “We are asking the same thing,” they said. “What car will we be driving? We are roughly 10 days from the rally start and the truth is, we have no clue what car will be on the start line.” In terms of strategy, we thing they have the best one! “We have made it this far winging it, it’s what makes us, us.,” They said. “So with that being said our 2014 strategy is to have no strategy.”

Follow Team Texas on Twitter and Instagram: @thedemastwins


Q & A with Team Texas:

1.Who makes up Team Texas, and what roles will each team member play?

  • Team Texas is the ultimate trio, sisters Danielle, Christina and Nicole. Danielle and Nicole’s jobs usually consist of making Christina do everything. Christina over the last few years has taken the role of lead driver, while Danielle is co-driver. Nicole has always been the navigator of the team, seeing how the other two sisters can’t make their way out of a wet paper bag. Danielle is the back bone, she makes sure the team stays out of trouble, Christina is the responsible one, she makes sure the team is on the start line every morning, and Nicole is the mediator, she makes sure the car stays peaceful.

2. Which car will you be driving? Please describe any modifications you’ve done.

  • We are asking the same thing. What car will we be driving? We are roughly 10 days from the rally start and the truth is, we have no clue what car will be on the start line.

3. What makes it your best vehicle choice for Bullrun 2014?

  • The fact that we have a car really, that’s what makes it the best vehicle choice. Honestly, despite the extreme procrastination Team Texas has shown over the last 7 years on the Bullrun prep we always seem to panic our way right to the start line.

4. What is Team Texas’ Bullrun 2014 strategy?

  • Let’s be honest, we haven’t had a strategy since 2008 Bullrun, showing up to our very first start line without a navigation system. We have made it this far winging it, it’s what makes us, us. So with that being said our 2014 strategy is to have no strategy.

5. Going off last year, tell me about the in-car dynamic.

  • We are sisters, we fight like sisters. We know exactly what to say to each other to keep the peace as well as to get under each other’s skin. Nicole needs the most sleep, so the others try to let her get her daily nap in on one of the longer legs of the day. Christina is bossy, and Danielle is a turtle (she’s slow) always on a stroll, like the rally is going to just wait for her to arrive to the start line every morning. We’ve done this so many times, we know what to expect with each other when it comes to each others struggles and moods.

6. What is your top Bullrun moment?

  • That is a tough one; we have had more than a few favorite Bullrun moments. We have been asset on the rally that our favorite moment of Bullrun would have to be Andy and Dave acknowledging that. Last year on Bullrun 2013 (Montreal-New Orleans) Team Texas was inducted into the Bullrun Hall of Fame at our award ceremony in New Orleans. Not many rally teams can say that they have done 7 consecutive years with the same team on the same rally.

7. What is your favorite city or checkpoint Bullrun has visited?

  • We can’t really pin it down to ONE favorite city or checkpoint and to be honest, we have been to cities and checkpoints that we don’t even remember. Manhattan, Las Vegas, Miami and New Orleans are always favorites, but it’s the small towns that we end up having the most fun in. Big Sky, Montana; Montgomery, Alabama; and Stanton, Virginia; are some of the small towns we have taken a liking to, the cops might not like us, but the people seem to really show interest. Last year’s Bullrun made a pit stop in Stanton and Team Texas had a fan drive 6 hours just to meet us.

8. List three items that Team Texas cannot rally without.

  • The obvious 100 pounds of luggage we each pack to fit all of our necessities (that includes our tools to look pretty enough to get out of tickets), a radar detector, and of course our cell phone car chargers.

9. With Bullrun being a ‘dysfunctional family,’ how will Team Texas play a role in this year’s dynamic?

  • Team Texas makes up the definition of dysfunctional family, we have been such permanent fixtures on the Bullrun rally, we are vets, we are a family, but most of all we are just three average girls with a love for fast cars. The long time bullrunners are family to us, the newbies relate to us and the fans follow us.

10. If you could give your team one Bullrun award (fictional or real,) what would it be and why?

  • We are known for three things when it comes to Bullrun, procrastination, being one of the first and only all girls’ team on the rally and our incredible party abilities. So the awards we should be awarded are:
  • 1) Impressed you made it Award
  • 2) Longest Standing Girl Team
  • 3) Life of The Party Award

Team Texas would like to thank Andy Duncan, David Green and Von Zipper for their continued support as they begin their seventh Bullrun Rally!

Follow Team Texas on Twitter and Instagram: @thedemastwins