2004 LA - Miami

On June 04, 2004, the inaugural Bullrun rally set out from Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles to sunny Miami, Florida. The first ever Bullrun event attracted over 100 cars including Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Porsches, a Chevy Avalanche, and even an L39 Aero Fighter Jet! Paris Hilton dropped the starting flag as the cars set off in a blaze of glory at 9:00am destined for Las Vegas, NV. Little did the drivers know what to expect from this year’s Bullrun rally! The rally visited racetracks such as the drag strip at Parumph Speedway in Nevada to Sebring International Raceway in Florida. Destination cities included: Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Santa Fe, Dallas, New Orleans, Tampa and finally Miami. The parties were crazy and the driving was insane. Along the way, the rally saw Bullrunner Jessie Rodriguez, a Las Vegas Businessman driving his brand new Lamborghini Murcielago, challenge Rocky Stewart; the CIO of Oracle to a race. Rocky’s vehicle of choice was an L39 Aero Fighter jet. Of course the jet won the race, but Jessie was as determined as ever to beat his rival. The 2004 rally saw Richard and Sue Rawlings take home the ‘Always First Award ‘for arriving first at nearly every checkpoint en route.

Best Car Award
Jessie Rodriguez bought a brand new 2003 Lamborghini Murcialago just for the Bullrun rally. He raced his Lambo against Rocky Stewart’s Thunderbird Aero L39 Fighterjet. He lost the race obviously, but he tried. Jessie lent his Lambo to Alex Roy at the Sebring International Raceway. When he gave it to Alex it was in once piece, but when it got returned to him, the whole front of the car had been bashed in. The Lamborghini had only been on the road for 8 days before it made friends with the concrete barriers at Sebring.
Chaos Award
Omar Sherif and Tarun Mahatri - This dynamic (and brave) duo entertained the Bullrunners with a variety of tricks including doughnuts, and ever more doughnuts. Omar bit his tires into the pavement on top of Hoover Dam, the Las Vegas strip, and even Bourbon street. Then, Tarun decided to outdo Omar by jumping from his Porsche 911 Turbo to a Bentley Azure on the freeway at 60mph! These guys have no fear what-so-ever!
Spirit of the Bullrun Award
Alex Roy and Nicholas Frankl - Team Polizei showed the true spirit of the rally by showing up at the start line dressed like German police officers and a car livered with the word “Polizei” all over it. Alex and Nick were one of the strongest teams on the rally and weren’t afraid to speed on ahead of the pack. Unfortunatly in Arizona, Alex got arrested and had to be busted out of jail by Teammate Frankl. Nicholas Frankl also beat a helicopter in a drag race at the Pahrump race track in Nevada. Team Polizei knew exactly what rallying is all about! Driving hard and partying harder!
Bullrun 2004 Style Award
David Hurly started out the rally with teammate Russell Mitchell. This duo from Britain wanted to do the Bullrun on their custom bikes hand-built by Exile Choppers in the UK. Early on in the rally, Russell broke the belt on his bike and was forced to stay behind to repair it. Meanwhile Dave soldiered on through torrential downpours and the blazing-hot desert heat. By the end of the rally he was walking different because his bike had no suspension. Dave, you did the Bullrun in style!
Always First Award
Richard Rawlings, Sue Rawlings, Michael Jackson and Tim West. From the beginning RIchard and Sue Rawlings were determined to win every stage of the rally. Their only concern was to make sure that their main rivals; Team Polizei, stayed behind them at all costs. Michael Jackson and TIm West followed closely behind Rawlings' Chevy Avalanche in their Porsche 911 and together they crossed the finish line each leg well ahead of the pack.




Jessie Rodriguez - Winner of Best Car in the Rally Award


Omar doing his first doughnut on Hoover Dam


Alex Roy and Nicholas Frankl celebrating their defeat over the helicopter


Dave Hurly - Bullrun Style Award


Michael, Sue, Tim, and Richard celebrating their Bullrun 2004 victory