Bullrun Productions produces new West Coast Customs TV show!

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It's been a bit quiet on Bullrun news front lately, but that doesn't mean that Andy Duncan and David Green aren't busy working on something. In fact, they have quite a number of projects on the go right now!

Bullrun LLC has a long-standing relationship with the world renowned West Coast Customs which began with the complete customization of a very familiar matte black Shelby GT.

In 2008, the Bullrun Live rally made a pit-stop at the West Coast Customs facility in Corona, CA - which gave Bullrunners an opportunity to see the inner workings of the famous company. In 2009, the Bullrun reality TV series started out of the West Coast Customs shop. Then 2010 rolled around and West Coast Customs became a large title sponsor of the Bullrun 2010 Live Rally.

With an extensive television background behind them, Andy and David partnered with West Coast Customs to film and produce a new TV series which is now only a few months away from debuting on Discovery's HD Theatre network.

Bullrun Productions began filming the first season of 'Inside West Coast Customs' in June - and continues filming the series for the next few months.

The show follows Ryan Friedlinghaus and his team of talented car-customizing specialists in the ultimate inside look at what goes on inside the World Famous West Coast Customs. The show will feature some mind-blowing builds including the complete overhaul of an armored truck for billionaire Richard Branson of the Virgin Corporation, and a crazy custom build for Monster Energy. The series will focus on a more in-depth look at the inner workings of Ryan Friedlinghaus' empire and the car customization craze that he has created - and it's all filmed in HD!

The wild builds this season will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats and without a doubt will be some of the best builds that have ever graced the West Coast Customs shop!

Be sure to catch 'Inside West Coast Customs' this December on the Discovery HD Theatre network!

We all knew that we could expect big things from Bullrun this year in the form of the ever-popular Bullrun Reality TV series and the 2010 Live Rally, but who knew that Bullrun would be producing the latest incarnation of the West Coast Customs TV series? Andy and David always seem to have something up their sleeves, and I know for fact that there's more surprises to come!