Bullrun 2010 – Day Six – Telluride, CO to Scottsdale, AZ

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Written by: Rory Camangian - Team 55

The Bullrun pack is ready to leave Telluride - Day 6!

Every Bullrun has one very big driving day, and Day six was that day – 493 miles total! We experienced virtually every climate possible in the Continental United States. The elevation differences were extreme as were the temperature shifts. It was 50 degrees when we left Telluride, mid 80’s in Flagstaff and well over 100 when we hit Scottsdale. Many Bullrunners were happy to leave the high elevation of Telluride, mainly because you couldn’t breathe all that well. Team Wu couldn’t leave Telluride fast enough as the super charger in their Charger caused them to breakdown. They ended up reprogramming the CPU to account for the elevation of Colorado.

Team Wu broke down shortly after leaving Telluride due to the altitude and thin air that their supercharger did not appreciate.

Our lunch stop was a destination that Bullrun Reality Season One went to and an amazing place to send the Bullrun Live Rally – Monument Valley State Park in Utah. If the scenery on Route 145 out of Telluride wasn’t amazing enough, Route 163 between Montezuma Creek and Monument Valley topped it for me. We decided to take some time to check out the scenery instead of making great time because missing what we saw would have been a waste. I always thought it was a shame that many Bullrunners missed Virginia’s Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park during the 2007 rally. This year the destinations are situated in such a way that the most efficient way to go is usually the most scenic as well.

Monument Vally provided one of the most scenic drives of the 2011 rally. Too bad we couldn't stay longer.

We ate lunch at The View Hotel over-looking Monument Valley which is situated in the Navajo Tribal Park. The Navajo people were extremely nice and happy to have us among the steady tourists that they normally get. Their gas station was located at the far end of their community and a few miles down the road. On the way to the station - Bullrunners had to break hard as a pack of wild mustangs crossed the highway rather abruptly. We launched promptly at 1:30 PM as Monument Park to Scottsdale, AZ is a solid 327 miles away.

A group of wild mustangs crossed the road right in front of us on the way to the only gas station in town.

Arrival times varied, but one thing was for sure – It is Hot in Scottsdale. Actor and first time Bullrunner, Drake Kemper and his co-driver proved their Bullrun meddle by braving the 118 degree heat in the Arizona deserts in a matte black Porsche Boxter with no air conditioning and leather seats. To top it off – both were wearing all black and needed to be doused with Ice-water when they arrived at the Valley Ho Hotel.

Some Bullrunners lounging around in the lobby of the Hotel Vally Ho in Scottsdale.

The Valley Ho is described as a mid-century modern resort and was designed by Edward L. Varney, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. It has played host to many celebs over the years and also served as the finishing hotel for Bullrun 2008 Calgary to Scottsdale. All Bullrunners arrived within a reasonable time and had an opportunity to have a drink in the lounge and swim in the pool.

The rally has gone very well in regards to breakdowns compared to prior rallies. Team 13’s Ferrari F430 experienced its annual tire issues that required the car to be flat bedded to Cleveland. Brian Shannon and Team Camaro also had tires issues, but had them in the desert on the way to Monument Valley. They had to purchase two brand new tires from Big O Tires in Scottsdale. The Team 55 Porsche and Team Maserati (Megawatt) needed tire replacements as well.

Team Camaro RS/SS arrives in Scottsdale after dealing with tire issues while en-route to Monument Vally.

Alongside the boys from Jersey who had to go through a lot just to stay on the rally, Ice-T had to go through a lot to keep going as well. Ice and Coco’s Aston Martin ran well over all, but had an issue with the wheel well that caused the tire to be shredded when the car hit bumps at speed. Ice a never had issue like that before, then again, he’s never subjected his machine to Bullrun driving conditions before either. Claus (Ettensberger) had to make special arrangement in Chicago to get another tire late at night for both Ice and Dave from Team Maserati. On the way to Iowa Speedway it happened again and their car needed to be flat-bedded to Iowa Speedway.

Ice T and Coco dealing with a flat tire earlier in the rally.

Thankfully a NASCAR Truck Series team was at the track and their lead mechanic was happy to have a look. Ice-T tells the story the best, but the team had one look at the issue and they went to work their very own way. They took a sawzall, cut out the area that was causing the shredding and placed a wedge in his suspension that would prevent the tire from rubbing when travelling at slightly above average speeds. After a tire swap – they were good to go and no other issues to Boulder. The moral of the story is, if you have car issues on Bullrun you will get help. If the owner of CEC Wheels doesn’t help you - a NASCAR team will! Today (Friday) will be a very special day. 11:30AM brunch was very well received as Bullrunners were itching to party it up in Scottsdale and party it up they did. The walking wounded as Andy like to refer to them, are making their way to the pool as I write this. The Rally team has set up brunch at Taser International Inc. where Bullrunners will be trying out latest in taser technology – possibly on each other. They also promised another treat for us. However’ the buzz is all about who will win Bullrun’s Navigator Award. Four teams literally have a chance at taking the belts.

Welcome to Scottsdale Bullrunners!

I hope Sin City is prepared for Bullrun once again.