Bullrun 2010 – Day Five – Boulder, CO to Telluride, CO

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Written by: Rory Camangian - Team 55

Good morning from Team Texas as they put on their racing suits to head out onto the IMI Speedway for some hot laps - day 5!

Well the epic wrestling matches between rally boss, David Green and rally crew chief, Chris Tetterton are now annual events. As we were walking back to the hotel from the Draft House in Boulder – a challenge was made for a rematch from last years rally via a punch from David to Chris’ ribs. Chris was very confident offered David an out, but it was on. They squared off on a rather large sidewalk in the central part of Boulder and after a bit of stand-up and jostling, the match went to the ground. David was in great position to turn the larger Chris over, but Chris was too much to handle for David once again. Chris transitioned to a Darce Choke and David couldn’t do much from there. I personally monitored the situation to make sure David didn’t go completely to sleep, because carrying dead weight back to the hotel would have been a lot for us to handle at that particular time.

Chris Tetterton vs. David Green

Before we leave Boulder on this blog – I wanted to say a big thank you to Lori Kashman of the St. Julien Hotel for going above and beyond to ensure Bullrunners were taken care of with any and all needs. You did an amazing job.

Tony and Theresa Williams racing a pair of super fast go-karts on the IMI Kart Speedway. Man, these things were fast!

Wheels up out of Boulder was slightly different than usual. We were to travel to breakfast at IMI Motorsports Complex in Dacono, CO and officially launch from there. After breakfast, Bullrunners were to race each other in gas powered professional go-carts. We had a total of 10 different heats and the winners from those heats were to square off in the winners race. The day included the usual shenanigans, but the down time in between races created some pretty entertaining moments. As soon as we started racing, Richard Rawlings modified Ford F250 could be seen tearing up the adjacent dirt track. What on earth was he thinking? Taking some advice from the Richard Rawlings book of rallying, the boys from Connecticut, Philippe Ayache and Nick Steinman, who were mentioned in yesterdays blog decided to take their BMW M3 on the dirt track adjacent to the go-cart track. Aside from the dirt the car accumulated exteriorly, the plastic under carriage was ripped off when the cars bottomed out coming off the track.

Richard Rawlings tearing up the dirt track in typical Rawlings' style!

Another highlight from the track that day was Robert V/Euro-Cruise trying to take his Ferrari F430 on the go-cart track to run some laps and drift on some VERY tight corners. Track personnel put an immediate stop to it and for a moment it wasn’t going to happen. Ice-T got up, found the owner of the track and the both walked out to announce that laps would be OK as long as everyone stood as far back as possible in case Robert drifted off the track – which ended up being a great suggestion. After a few warm up laps, Robert got his bearings and increased his speed and started to break the car loose a bit. It was tough because the track was made for go-carts, but he managed get sideways a few times and pushed the boundaries. He pushed very hard and during the second to last turn slide right off the track. No damage or anything of consequence, but the whole spectacle of a Ferrari turning laps on a track built for tiny carts was good fun (You Tube Video to follow).

Robert V taking to the go-kart track in his Ferrari F430 Spyder!

We launched after 2PM and we ran straight through Denver traffic heading towards our lunch stop in Salida, CO which was the entry point for Route 50 to Telluride. To say that this drive was scenic would be understatement. Route 70, past Denver and Route 50 have some of the most amazing scenic transitions in all of the United States which was a welcomed change to some of the more larger metropolises we been to in the past 4 days.

The drive to Telluride was spectacular!

I am proud to announce the re-arrival of Anthony Curko and James Carvelli and their 08' RS4 Cabrio from New Jersey to the Rally. They are rejoining the rally after an issue with their wheel and tire. Around 20 miles outside Pittsburgh on Day 1, on the way to Cleveland, they cracked one of the wheels and it immediately began to leak air. The attending Pennsylvania State Trooper gave Anthony and James the number of a guy who could fix the tire enough to get to Cleveland. In Cleveland, they found a welder to mend the crack, but couldn’t get the wheel hot enough to truly fix the issue.

The return of Anthony and James in the orange Audi was a huge surprise on day 5! We thought we lost them back on day 1!

They used some pretty unusual methods to get the tire inflated so they could get to Chicago. The first used JB Bond, then Crazy Glue and Green Foam. Then they used Fix-a-Flat to seal the Green Foam. They left Cleveland and drove through the night towards Chicago and arrived at 5:30AM. Since “Wheels Up” was at 8AM they only had a few hours to get it together. They collected their route card to Iowa and headed to one of Chicago’s Audi dealerships, and while there Audi gave them a free wheel and tire for their troubles and for representing them on Bullrun 2010. Their first proper day on the rally was Omaha to Boulder and aside from the other Bullrunners not knowing who they were; their ride went off without a hitch. Smooth Sailing from now on.

Some of the Bullrun vehicles parked in the hotel valet lot.

Bullrunners started arriving in Telluride at around 5:30 PM. Michael Schwab’s Team 13 navigated their carbon fiber wrapped Ferrari F430 to the number one position to The Peaks Resort & Spa in the mountain surrounding Telluride. Bullruners took the scenic 22 minute gondola down to town where Dinner and Party were being held at the New Sheridan Hotel in the Historic district of Telluride. Bullrunners also worked their way across the street to a bar where a Phish style jam band was performing and partied well into the night.