Bullrun 2010 – Day Three – Chicago to Omaha, NE

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Written by: Rory Camangian - Team 55

Bullrun Day 3 - another Speedway is in the near future!

Chicago treated us well. The folks at the Dana Hotel took real great care of us and we really appreciated their hospitality. Both the dinner and the after party were on the premises and Bullrunners partied once again into the wee hours of the morning. Since day two’s party is on a Sunday night we usually get solid turnout by Bullrunners and a handful of locals. A mostly Bullrun party resembles a Christmas Party before the world got all uptight – very fun. The Sunday party is also solid because it’s the last night the weekend Bullrunners will be on the rally - so they are usually the ones who coax their friends that made it out for the weekend to stay out and live it up.

Time to leave Chi-town in the dust!

Aside from the two groups who partied until 4AM – everyone seemed to be in rare form and ready to the day ahead. We were a little surprised that we would be launching at 8AM on a Monday morning in mid-town Chicago, but I have to say, sharing the hour with commuters and pedestrians made for a very interesting start. There is nothing like the sound of howling engines through the caverns of among the biggest buildings on Earth during a very busy rush hour.

Team M2/Taser stuck in Chicago Ruch-Hour.

Our first destination was to West Amana, Iowa to see the – “World’s Largest Rocking Chair?” Well not that big of a surprise after our lunch stop in Dutch Country. We headed off the Route 80 for about 10 miles into West Amana to find out that we needed to go another 50 miles to our real destination – Iowa Motor Speedway located on Rusty Wallace Lane.

Well here it is - the world's largest walnut rocking chair! What a sight! But this wasn't the mid-day checkpoint at all! Andy and David were just trying to throw us off! Iowa Speedway - here we come!

Robert V ready to tackle the circuit in his Ferrari F430.

Bullrun Organizers set up a combined road course, utilizing portions of the NASCAR tri-oval and an infield road course. Each driver had an opportunity to run two full laps at full speed and most took advantage more than once. After a rough day on the way to Chicago experiencing a shredded tire – Ice-T and Coco made it to the track. Claus and Bill Wu decided to ride in the back of Nicholas’ CTS-V to see his driving ability firsthand. Claus thought the car needed some extra safety bags so they asked Coco to ride along as well.

Claus, Bill Wu and Coco wanted to see Nicholas Frankl's 'amazing' driving ability first hand. After being thrown around like rag-dolls in the back seat as Frankl tore up the track - they were quick to vacate the back seat of the car and find the nearest restroom.

According to each participant, hot laps with Nicholas are a pretty hairy endeavour. The G-forces alone were enough to throw everyone in the back seat around like a rag doll which prompted everyone, including the cameraman, to vacate the car immediately when the car stopped.

Miguel Mantovani at the Iowa Speedway checking out what life is like in the fast lane.

Cuban Brother, Senior Miguel Mantovani, was on hand to experience the festivities - and he was focused on Robert V who many think looks like Tom Cruise. Since Robert is originally from Germany, his nickname is “Euro-Cruise”. Senior Miguel and Euro-Cruise took some time to re-enact the courtroom scene from “A Few Good Men” – Miguel obviously played the role of Colonel Jessup. It was odd hearing Jack Nicholson depicted in a Cuban accent and Tom Cruise played by a German look-a-like who’s English gets better and better every year.

Miguel and Euro-Cruise re-enacting the famous scene from 'A Few Good Men.'

As another track day winded down –Tornado warnings were reported in the area and a decision was made to send this Automotive Circus West once again to the city of Omaha, Nebraska. As we arrived at the Omaha Hilton I ran into Team Lucky Nuts (Ricky & Dudley). Ricky and Dudley are probably the best team to come out of New Orleans and both have serious party credentials. They’ve been partying solid since Thursday Night and both are feeling the effects. They came prepared though. Since Dudley is very much about performance – he planned on administering shots of Vitamin B12 to ensure they had the stamina to get them through the long drives and parties all the way to Las Vegas.

A storm is brewing at the Iowa Speedway! Luckily this didn't affect our track time

Dudley of Team LuckyNutz injecting his Bullrun co-driver Ricky with a shot of Vitamine B12

The after-party was amazing for a Monday night. Omaha locals filled the Bullrun Omaha Party at Nomad Lounge in Old Market. Robert V “Euro Cruise” entertained the locals with a few laps around the block in his F430 and Ice-T was incredibly cordial and happy to take pictures with whoever asked. An incredibly good vibe and a party that is still happening as I write this.

The party is on! Get those girls in here already!

The rumour for tomorrow is a 700 plus mile drive ending in Denver. We will see soon.