Bullrun 2010 – Day Four –Omaha, NE to Boulder CO.

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Written by: Rory Camangian - Team 55

Good morning from Team Oh! Canada - day 4!

Thankfully we all naturally congregate during our lunch stops because many funny stories would totally get lost if we didn’t. A solid one was told to me at lunch today. Last night in Omaha, Dave Pearsall decided to drive his Maserati Gran Turesmo to the Bullrun dinner and after-party in the Old Market section of town. Omaha happens to have a lot of Bullrun fans due to the reality show on Speed. A pretty sizable pro-Bullrun crowd cheered for Dave’s arrival and he decided to reward them with a sweet fishtail down the road. Unfortunately one of Omaha’s finest on horseback witnessed this automotive demonstration and decided to pull Dave over. Not only did a Maserati get pulled over by a horse, but the officer pulled up a little late and slammed into the side of the car in front of the crowd (no damage to car or horse.)

The officer dismounted and started to really get really heated towards Dave. He explained to the officer that the rally we are doing currently was the inspiration for the reality show on Speed - and that Ice-T was taking part this year. Thankfully the officer was a Law & Order SVU fan because he started to lighten up quite a bit. It also helped that a hundred people or so surrounding the car were chanting “Let him Go, Let Him Go” to inspire the officer to release Dave and be on his way.

The police officer came to his senses and thought better of the situation to a point that a meet and greet with Ice-T and Coco was a better way to go for him to go. After the conversation ended, Dave threw out tons of Team Maserati t-shirts he had specially made for the rally.

Bullrun leaving Omaha for Boulder, CO via the lunch checkpoint in Ogallala, NB

A bunch of Bullrunners agreed that the Omaha to Ogallala to Boulder day on Bullrun was an amazing day of rallying. It wasn’t so much the scenery or the many highway patrolmen who enjoyed watching us pass on by - it was that many of us were packed so tightly together for literally hundreds of miles. Our morning launch occurred at 8AM and ended up being next to our hotel and the future home of the NCAA College Baseball World Series. When we received the route card, it was clear we’d be heading to somewhere in Colorado for the night, but our lunch stop was all the way across Nebraska.

Team Twins making their way to the checkpoint in Ogallala.

Apparently Dave Pearsall’s luck doesn’t carry over from day to day because he navigated to the Front Street Steakhouse in Ogallala, NE - and came in first! This is Dave’s second year on Bullrun and despite his driving ability – it was his first stage win. My co-driver Rob and I always refer to Dave and his car as Megawatt since his license plate says MGWAT.

One very cool feature that Dave has in his Maserati is a smokescreen. The smokescreen canister fits in the boot and works when the heat of the exhaust creates enough smoke to release when needed. When and why he actually employs this countermeasure is still a mystery to everyone.

David Pearsall blasts his smoke screen - on of his many James Bond gadgets on this year's rally.

One team that has been flying under the radar this year is Team Exotics Rally. Seth Rose and Tony King in the white Hudson Jeans sponsored Nissan GT-R have managed to acquire themsselves FIVE stage wins and multiple top 10 finishes. Who would have thought that Seth and Tony - who are now on their second Bullrun - could be so quick and stealthy. Last year they showed up at the New York start line in a white Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, bt that proved to be not so stealthy, so Seth and Tony opted for the supercar from Japan this year. The Bullrunners are keeping a close eye on these boys from New York as they're surly in contention for the Bullrun navigator award this year!

Seth and Tony's GT-R sitting impatiently in front of the Livery Barn Cafe' in Ogallala while Seth and Tony grab a quick bite to eat. These guys mean business! I've got a feeling that there'll be many more first place finishes for them on the rally.

Quietly making a name for themselves is the team of Philippe Ayache and Nick Steinman in the BMW M3, who navigated to Boulder first. I personally appreciate their driving and generosity when sharing information about the route. Nick was kind enough to point out a low-flying plane over head just when Rob and I decided to try and make better time to our next destination.

Philippe and Nich claimed their second first place stage finish yesterday! Claus, where are you?

Their story of how Bullrun materialized for them is interesting as well. Philippe and Nick decided to do Bullrun 2010 just a few days before the rally started. They literally had nothing to work with when they got started – not even a car. They managed to borrow their M3 from Philippe’s girlfriend, Cat Heitz, who still doesn’t know what the car will be going through and how many miles will be put on it. They bought a scanner, Sprint 4G Wi-Fi device, GPS, CB, radar detector and an Apple iPad for precise mapping software and scanner codes. Not a bad set-up for a last minute endeavour.

What happened when we arrived in Boulder was something that none of us could have anticipated. Upon our arrival in Boulder we were greeted by a very familiar Bullrun face - our favourite Texan Richard Rawlings! Richard and his navigator Aaron will be doing the rest of the Bullrun after a decision made by Rawlings in a Dallas bar early last night to drive out to Boulder and complete the rest of the rally.

Rawlings joins the rally in Boulder, CO. Claus was so happy to see him that he fully embraced Richard with a huge German hug!

The Draft House in downtown Boulder was the site of evenings festivities and the next full scale performance from the Cuban Brothers. I have always loved the Cuban Bros., but last night was amazing. There were literally moments in the performance that truly provided context to the phrase “raise the roof”. Between the music blasting in the background, intense dance chorography, including Archie’s roller-skates, and Miguel’s ability to get the crowd going, the audience of Bullrunners and locals were whipped into a frenzy that I’ve never seen before on any rally that I’ve been on.

Ice-T and Coco pose with the Cuban Borthers after their spectacular show last night!

Last night also marked the end of Ice-T and Coco’s Bullrun 2010 which is something Niether they or the Bullrunners aren’t very happy about. We’ve had many celebrities on the rally before, but I believe Ice and Coco were among the best. Both fully embraced the experience, truly became one of us and promised to return. Ice-T had one of the best quotes of the rally thus far by saying “I got to Boulder in 7th today on Bullrun and I feel like a celebrity.” They will be missed, but we are still holding out hope they’ll be back for the final leg to Las Vegas…

This is what a Bullrun party can do to you...

The rumor is we’ll be in Arizona by this evening.