Bullrun 2010 – Day One - Launch – New York to Cleveland

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Written by: Rory Camangian - Team 55

Japan's finest Samuri Jeb Lopez of Team JebAng is ready to pounce on China's top Monk Allen Wu.

Depending on how hard you go on Bullrun – Day 1 can actually seem like Day 4. Bullrun has always launched on a Saturday which means it’s possible for you to have been partying since Thursday night. For me and many other Bullruners, Day 1 does seem like at least day 4 and we are already feeling worn out. Recharging time is at a premium – even on the first day.

At around 520 miles, the drive to Cleveland made New York City seem so long ago. Many Bullruners, including myself, looked forward to starting already and getting into the week. Pier 54 was brimming with possibility. Bullruners literally had no clue where we were going for our lunch stop. Many thought Monticello Racetrack, but others were certain that Bullrun organizers wouldn’t send us there two years in a row. Some Bullruners resorted to calling up the sales office to schedule a mock appointment to discuss memberships at surrounding tracks to try and gain any insight they could on where we are going.

A few camps believed we were headed to Lime Rock, but how could that be if we knew we needed to head west? Again, a Bullrunner even resorted to calling up Skip Barber himself to see if the rally were in fact travelling north. As discussed yesterday – the 2010 launch was fairly orderly as the cars flanked both sides of the pier.

The 80+ cars lining the pier.

Al and Mike of Team M2/Taser are not kidding around! They were sent by the Queen to watch over the Bullruners and are actually from MI6!

Team CEC Wheels experienced a last minute glitch that could have seriously put a damper on at least the 1st day of the rally. Claus and Joaquin (Mejia) literally worked up until Friday night to ensure their ultra modified Brabus Mercedes-Benz C63 was ready to go. Just before launch, they pulled their car off the grid and into the shop to investigate a vibration that ultimately involved their modified headers. Ice-T, who was looking forward to rallying with Claus, did everything he could to ensure the rally didn’t start without Claus and Joaquin.

Claus and Joaquin in the shop checking out the mystery vibrations.

Bullrun Crew Chief; Chris Tetterton, gives the word! Bullrunners, Start Your Engines!

The Rally kicked off with Kim Kardashian waving the green flag once again at 10:25 AM. There was no racetrack in the immediate future for Bullrunners as the rally was headed to Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania in a town curiously named Intercourse. The Lancaster area, usually known for family vacations and Amish Quilts and heritage was transformed into a haven for automotive wanderlust.
Kim Kardashian poses for photos before the start.
Some Bullrunners took this too literally...

I can honestly say, it’s a very special site to see Amish horse and buggies sharing the road with the finest supercars on the planet. After a leisurely lunch, the Rally began once again to the Ritz Carlton in Cleveland. The highlight of the afternoon drive was almost unbelievable when you heard it first. Kevin Andrews of Team Oh! Canada was invited by a Highway Patrolman to take part in a rather brisk 30 mile long police escort. Bullrun cars have received police escorts before, but this is a first for an impromptu invitation to be extended. Kevin literally had to confirm with the officer what he thought was being offered. Only on Bullrun.

Claus Ettensberger and Joaquin Mejia navigated to Cleveland and the rest of the rally rolled in all the way to 8’oclock where a rather fine dinner was being served in one of the main dining rooms. The Post Party was held on the Velvet Dog’s rooftop with Ice-T kicking off the festivities DJing a set of songs to get the crown moving.

Team Arkansas getting ready to party at the Velvet Dog!

Ice-T getting things moving!

Cleveland proved to be an amazing stop. Actually, when the bars and nightclubs let out at around 2:30AM – it’s a pretty interesting experience how Cleveland’s Finest empty the streets to get everyone out of the downtown area. It’s probably the closest you can come to being involved in an actual riot without all the violence.