Bullrun 2010 - Pre Launch

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Written by: Rory Camangian - Team 55
I’m sure there will be varying opinions based on who you speak to, but Bullrun 2010 has gotten off to a very un-chaotic pace. We have a new operations person named Christina Havholm who certainly has the chops to handle the type of logistics. As the person responsible for pulling off the task of delivering Bullrun Season 3 on Speed – she was responsible for a lot more people, a lot more locations and a lot more permits. Based on her calm demeanor, I get a sense that this could be a walk in the park for her barring any unforeseen logistical issues in the coming days.

Parking the vehicles isn’t anywhere near as chaotic as last year. The New York City police outside Hotel Gansevoort in 2009 were nothing compared to the security team that Bullrun hired to take care of the parking situation. Headache after headache till eventually 30 plus cars had to move at 4AM to appease any concerns of what the launch would bring the next morning.

None of that this year - Bullrun 2010 will launch from Pier 54 adjacent to the Standard Hotel at 10AM on Saturday morning. The only thing that Pier 54’s permit requests is that no car par in a zone marked red. That may result in the Pier collapsing and very expensive Supercars would spend enough time on the bottom of the Hudson River to render it a submarine. The only other concern is stopping bike traffic on the way off the pier in the morning to let the 100 plus cars be on their way to the next destination.

The days leading up to Friday consisted of cars being unloaded from covered trailers. Bullrun logistic teams unloaded and shuffled them off to Pier 54. Cars without decals were immediately stickered up by the crew and deemed Bullrun ready. As Bullruners checked in, the first order of business is always the drivers meeting and the place to kick off the festivities. Unlike years prior – the drivers meeting, usually after check in was now during the opening party at The Box. The Box is located in New York City’s Lower East Side and is famous for its circus like atmosphere, only the circus involves burlesque style side shows and acts of sexual fantacy. Only tonight the sex was spun by the world famous, Cuban Brothers.

Miguel Mantovani, Archerio and Senior Kengo fired up the Bullrunners and got the party fuelled up for a long night. Their songs from seventies Havana and a tribute to the late Michael Jackson even had Ice-T and Coco on their feet throughout.

The buzz in the Drivers circle was the large back-hole left by the incomparable Richard Rawlings. A late scratch as his co-driver and co-defending Bullrun Navigator Champion, Michael Collins, had to tend to business matters at the very last minute. Other Bullrun Navigator contenders such as Claus Ettensberger and his co-driver Joaquin Mejia are very cautious to start figuring out who their competition may be. A lot can happen in next seven days all the way to Vegas.

Team Lucky Nuts (Ricky Chancey & Dudley Geigerman) are looking to do very well during a year where they don’t need to break off from the rally to deliver a party in New Orleans. Team Wu showed up with a mean Charger and not the Lambo Murcielago that the are truly famous for. Team 13, headed by Michael Schwab has a new navigator and Kevin Andrews is without Christine – his navigator for the past several years. Dave Pearsall’s crew is at least 6 deep with a support vehicle that is a very long white stretch limo. Nothing like champagne bottles next to spare Marerati wheels for the occasional flat.

Looking forward to what Day 1 will bring.