Team Camaro RS/SS – back for 2010 with the big guns locked and loaded!

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If you paid any attention to last year’s Bullrun Live Rally, you will certainly know the name Brian Shannon. Last year, Brian brought his 1987 Buick Grand National to New York for the start of the rally. Brian made his way from New York to Pitsburgh, PA in grand style. Brian showed the other Bullrunner’s what a true gear head he really is.

On day 2 of the rally, the Bullrunners headed off to Staunton Virginia – a much anticipated stop on this year’s rally. While en-route to Staunton, Team Grand National had an “incident” which ended up causing front end damage to the Grand National. On the second day of the rally the Grand National acquired a massive oil leak. With these two issues now at hand it was time to put another plan into action.....

Brian did not let these issues stop him. To him, it was all about finishing what he started. “Never Give Up, ever!” After arriving back in Nashville, TN Brian put the plan into action. He walked over to a local Chevrolet dealership and two hours later, he drove out with a brand new 2010 Camaro RS/SS. Brian left the grand National at the dealership to be picked up later. “I drove it off the lot like I stole it” Brian commented. Not only did Brian get himself a new set of wheels, but he helped out another Bullrun team in distress. “We stopped off on the way to Atlanta and picked up Team Solstice whose car encountered an engine problem at the Talladega Speedway”

This was a Bullrun first, and everyone was surprised to see Brian pull up to the hotel that evening in an Inferno Orange 2010 Camaro RS/SS when he had started the day in the 1987 Buick Grand National.

With a new car in his possession, Brian Shannon hit the road the next day with the rest of the Bullrunners en route to Nashville, TN. With a new team name, team Grand New finished the Bullrun 2009 rally and was given Bullrun’s highest honour at the awards ceremony – the Spirit of the Bullrun! This award is given out to Bullrunners who exhibit the true spirit of the rally. Brian did just that! It wasn’t just his decision to buy a Camaro that earned him this prestigious award – it was his determination, attitude, friendship, and passion for the automobile that brought him and his teammate onto the stage to receive their award in front of the crowd of Bullrunners cheering them on!

It is no surprise that Brian will be returning to the Bullrun rally again this year. He is bringing along his good friend Mark Riley. As Brian puts it, “Bullrun will remember him for sure after this year!!”

Brian will be bringing his 2010 Camaro SS to the rally this year with a few modifications to help him and Mark hang with the ‘big dogs’ this year. Be sure to tune in for the 2010 Live Rally as Brian and Mark take over the country with the rest of the Bullrun Rally from New York to Las Vegas this July!

Interview with Brian Shannon:

1) So this is your second Bullrun rally, what are you looking forward to the most this year?

Seeing parts of this country I have not see before, meeting the people who get so excited when Bullrun comes to their town (whether it be a small town or big city,) people get really fired up, ask lots of questions, and just can’t believe what we are doing.

Of course I look forward to the nightly parties at the coolest venues too.

This year we will be running with the "Big Dogs!"

2) If you could say you learned one thing from last year’s rally, what would it be?

Know your teammate's abilities well and don't bring a car that is 22 year old.

3) Other than yourself, who is your favorite Bullrun team, and why?

Team Solstice without question. I don’t really need to tell you why. They are just damn good people! Period!

Team Prodigy has to get some props too for not giving up and bringing the 1968 Chevelle to the finish line. Ted and James were troopers for sure!

4) Who will be your teammate for this year's rally?

Mark Riley. Bullrun will remember him for sure after this year!!

5) What made you want to do the Bullrun rally in 2009?

I did it because I could!

6) What brought you back for 2010?

I am coming back because I can!

7) What is your car of choice for your second Bullrun rally?

The Inferno Orange 2010 Camaro RS/SS I purchased on last year’s rally in Nashville Tennessee.

8) What makes it the ideal rally vehicle?

Since I bought the car last July I have driven the car from Tennessee to Austin Texas, then home to Delaware, then to Canada and back home on the Great Lakes Bullrun fan cruise, then back home to Delaware. I then drove it to Florida and back on a vacation. Plus I use it often as a daily driver. I have driven the car over 10,000 miles since last year’s rally. To say the least, I have tested it hard! Besides that, the car is fast, looks great, and is very comfortable!

Now if I could just get people to quit saying "is that one of those new Mustangs" all will be good.

9) What is your team name for this year's rally

As much as I would like to use last year’s team name Team Grand National, it just doesn’t work with the Camaro, so This year will be Team Camaro RS/SS

10) What would you say is your team's strongest asset?

My co-driver and I have both done the Hot Rod Power Tour and other similar events, so we know what the long haul is all about. The fact that we can both do things with a car that most people can only dream about also gives us a huge advantage.

Not to mention, we are both extremely handsome and have some gigantic equipment......

11) Are you planning on gunning for the First Place Navigator Award this year, or are you taking a laid-back approach to the rally?

I doubt anyone can take a laid back approach to the Bullrun Rally. That would be hard to do. To me no award is worth taking to many risks for so I plan on having a great time but still keep the pressure on so we finish respectively.

If in the end the folks at Bullrun feel we have earned anything, then so be it.

Bottom line is, it really does not matter to me. For the most part I intend to just have a kick ass time.

12) Having done the Bullrun rally before, what will your rally preparation comprise of? Will you be going all out? Or will you stick to simple navigation and a radar detector?

I've got no tricks up my sleeves. Getting from A to B is a no brainer for me.

13) What is your absolute favorite aspect of Bullrun?

Meeting all the people in the towns and cities like Staunton VA, Slocomb AL, New Orleans LA, and Destin FL. Plus I love the awesome nightly parties!

14) If you could summarize Bullrun in one word, what would it be?

It can’t be done in one word!! It's a Dysfunctional Crazy Train