Team M2/Taser - In it to win it!

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With the Bullrun 2010 Live Event only two months away, more and more teams are filling the spots on this year’s starting grid. Al Kenney and Mike Kalfus will be piloting an electric blue 2009 Aston Martin V8 Vantage on this year’s rally from New York to Las Vegas.

These guys just missed out on last year’s festivities – and are very eager to get a taste of the Bullrun. They have had all year to prepare for their inaugural rally, and prepared they will be! One of the team’s strongest assets is navigator Mike Kalfus who won the 1998 Nobel Prize for his work in the aeronautical engineering aerospace field. According to driver; Al Kenney, Mike a very intelligent guy who is skilled in finding the fastest way to get from point A to point B. The route that Bullrun has in store this year will put Mike to the test!

The Aston Martin V8 Vantage is a car that many have come to know from the more recent James Bond films. That is why Al and Mike have decided to be car number 007 on this year’s rally. They have both been practicing her majesty’s English just for the Bullrun! We can expect to see some James Bond style on this year’s event as well! Of course, what is a 007 car without the gadgets? That is why Al and Mike will be outfitting the Aston Martin with an assortment of top secret equipment to avoid encounters with the law – something that James Bond never had to concern himself with. They will also have the standard machine guns in the grill, revolving license plate,and who could forget the oil slick out the exhaust pipes!

Both Al and Mike currently run M2 Worldwide, a strategic marketing company. Strategy is sure to be one of Team M2/Taser’s strongest assets. "We are the thinking/planning team,” says Al, “so I’d say race strategy will be our biggest asset!”

Team M2/Taser will surely be a front-runner this year along with Bullrun’s other highly competitive teams. Al and Mike are determined to win the Bullrun Navigator Award this year and will stop at nothing to attain Bullrun’s highest honour.

Al and Mike wil be supporting the Taser foundation this year – a charity that supports law enforcement officer’s families in North America who were killed in the line of duty. 100% of all donations go directly the needy families. Both Al and Mike want to give back to their community, and raising awareness for the Taser Foundation is a great way for them to do this!

Bullrunners, look out for Team M2/Taser on this year’s rally! They have the car and the driving/ navigational skills to be in the running for the Navigator Award. Best of luck to you Al and Mike!

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Interview with Al Kenney:

1) So this is your first Bullrun rally, what are you looking forward to the most?

We are looking forward to many things: the driving, the events, meeting the other Bullunners, and raising money for our charity while taking it all in! We’ve got our own marketing campaign going in conjunction with our charity and we plan on driving a lot of publicity for the event, our car, and our charity. We are looking to meet a lot of great people all across the country!

2) How did you hear about Bullrun?

Last year a friend who ran in it (David Pearsall- black Maserati GranTurismo) told us about the event but it was too late for us to run it. We did go to the kickoff party and the start of the race) so we have been planning for this year since then.

3) Who will be your teammate for this year's rally?

Mike Kalfus my old friend and business partner will be my co-driver for the race. Mike won the 1998 nobel prize for his work in the aeronautical engineering aerospace field. He’s a really smart guy who has figured out the fastest way to get between point “A” and point “B” without going on a straight line!

4) What made you want to do the 2010 Bullrun rally?

Just one of those events that you come across and say to yourself “I have to do that at least once in my life”. A bucket list item for sure for the both of us!

5) What is your car of choice for your inaugural Bullrun rally?

My 2009 Electric Blue Aston Martin V8 Vantage…We’ve chosen the 007 number for the event (can you say…Bond, James Bond?) We’ve been practicing her majesties English just for the event!

6) What makes it the ideal rally vehicle?

Aston Martin…It’s just a refined elegant machine! Limited production hand made from the ground up… what else can you say? Were going to add extra class to an already classy Bullrun event. Cruising in this car across the country will be memorable for us and hopefully all who see us! Look for our car!

7) What is your team name for this year's rally?

We chose the team name M2/Taser. M2 represents our company M2 Worldwide & Taser for the Taser Foundation Fallen Officers Fund which is the worthy charity we are running the event for. The Taser foundation supports law enforcement officer’s families in North America who were killed in the line of duty. On average one officer is killed every 3 days in North America. 100% of all donations go directly the needy families. We wanted to give something back and we figured this is a great way to do it! Were going to be on YouTube, Facebook, & Twitter and fans can “adopt our car” and follow our activities closely via the pix and videos we will be uploading to our websites!

8) What are you more excited about; the driving or the partying?

Let’s just say we’ll be passing the time while driving and greatly anticipating our next stop…

9) What is your team's strongest asset?

We run a strategic marketing company…so I’d say race strategy will be our biggest asset…we are the thinking/planning team… our second biggest asset is our outlook on life…we just want to have a great time and look good while doing it!

10) Have you followed the Bullrun in the past?

No really. Last year we followed our friend David Pearsall in his Black Maserati wishing we were there as well! We are really looking forward to meeting everyone crazy enough to enter this event (hopefully people like us!).

11) Are you planning on gunning for the First Place Navigator Award this year, or are you taking a laid-back approach to the rally?

We’re kind of in the middle…we’d like to win but we’re not willing to go to jail to do it (but have the right to change our minds once the race begins)… that’s not to say that we don’t have a few things up our sleeve because we do….watch out for Team M2/Taser! We aren’t in it just to have a good time!

12) Having never done the Bullrun rally before, what will your rally preparation comprise of? Some Bullrunners go all out and buy all of the latest technical gadgets, where others buy a radar detector and they're all set.

We’ve been preparing ourselves for this event all winter and we have loaded the car with many of the unique gadgets you come to know and love in an Aston Martin. Of course we’ve got the machine guns in the grill, revolving license plates, the oil slick out the exhaust, the double ejection seat, the submarine and plane converters, and the front axle tire destroyer that you expect from any Aston. But we’ve got even more gadgets… like the fresh Dunkin Donut launcher, the verbal insult “taunting” mouthing devise, and the giant inflatable life size reproduction doll of Mike in the nude which will surely distract even the most prepared Bullrunner! We will be pulling out all the stops!