Team Prodigy ready to take on the best on the Bullrun 2010 Live Rally!

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For the 2009 Bullrun Live Rally, Team Prodigy brought a beast of a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle, nicknamed Lucy, to New York on their inaugural Bullrun rally. This year, Lucy will be returning with Ted Barrett at the wheel, ready to take on the likes of Richard Rawlings and Claus Ettensberger.

Last year Ted and his navigator; James Andrews, battled a few mechanical problems for the first few legs of the rally, but this year the kinks have been worked out. The Chevelle has also been outfitted with some more electronic equipment to aid in the on-going task of keeping the cops as far away as possible. The 1968 Chevelle was finished only four days before the 2009 Bullrun start on July 21st, and the Prodigy crew never had an opportunity to test the car prior to during the rally. The rally was the true test, and the car survived! With the problems resolved, Lucy will no doubt be a front-runner on this year`s Bullrun rally!

Now you muscle car enthusiasts might be wondering what the Prodigy Chevelle is packing under the hood. Lucy has been outfitted with an LS3 415CID Wagner racing engine producing 601 Horsepower!!! Lucy has also been outfitted with an 480LE Transmission, Air Ride street challenge suspension, Custom exhaust, and Forgline SO3 Flat black rims (8,18 front 10,18 rear.) You don’t want to mess with this mean Chevelle! Not only does she look good, but Lucy can drive fast too!

One of the highlights of the 2009 rally for Team Prodigy had to be bringing their 601 horsepower Chevelle to the Mobile Drag Strip without any incident, officially coming in fourth place for that leg of the rally. The Chevelle was right at home in Southern Alabama as Bullrunners and Drag Racing fans alike cheered Ted and James on as they got to drive Lucy on the 1/8th Mile drag strip for the first time. Team Prodigy was making themselves known to the Bullrunners, and became a well-respected team. Bullrun is all about having fun, but there is always a battle for the coveted Navigator award! Could Team Prodigy be contenders for one of the most respected Bullrun awards this year? Only time will tell! One thing is for sure though, Team Prodigy will be there to have one hell of a good time!

Watch out Bullrunners, because Team Prodigy won't be in your rear-view mirror for long!

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Interview with Ted Barrett of Team Prodigy:

1) So this is your second Bullrun rally, what was your motivation to do the Bullrun the first time around in 2009?

I had seen short clips on youtube over the years but didn’t really have a name on it till season one of Bullrun, I actual didn’t see season one on TV but came across it on itunes, watched a preview, and download all episodes. After I watched the show there was no way I wasn’t getting into this. I checked the website and was fortunate to make a friend from the season one cast that gave me information on the actual rally not the TV show and that seemed to be an even better fit.

2) What was your first impression of Bullrun when you showed up at the start line in 2009?

LoL! My first impression was Andy, I had arrived 3 days early to the hotel in NY with a friend so we could check out the city and just relax before the event. We were upstairs on the open pool bar drinking and Andy walked off the lift doing a meeting with the Bullrun crew getting ready for the next day. I recognized him from pics on the website so I introduced myself and you would have thought he had known me for years, "Ted what’s up"!! Right then and there I knew this was going to be a tight group and we were going to be in for a hell of a time.

3) What made you want to return for Bullrun 2010?

I don’t even think that was a decision I knowingly made, lol! I think it was just a physical back next year? OF COURSE!!!! gets under your skin and you can’t help but be a part of it if you’re that type of person and I am. Plan to be a fixture for years to come...someone has to take over for Rawlings (He is getting on in years).

4) Last year your co-driver was James Andrews, who is on your team this year?

This is brutal to say but James can’t make it this year...I cant even imagine doing this without him but he has other obligations for July. So with that said I have a few friends in a bidding war to be the co-pilot for Team Prodigy. Once I know for sure you Matty will be the first to know.

5) Do you have big plans for this year? Are you affiliating yourself with another team?

I feel we are affiliated with every team this year!!, Team Wu (Big & Small are great guys & funny as hell they helped us work it out for this year, cant forget Cindi ether), Annabelle from Team Twins is just beyond awesome, Team Texas scares the hell outta me but I cant imagine a rally without them (James was crushing on the twins not sure which one. lol!), Team Lexus, Brooke, Hanna very sexy very cool, Claus & Rawlings are legends and were one of the most supportive of our ride and helping out the rookies, Team Oh! Canada also very supportive and just fantastic people (Canadians so of course they are), its true everyone is on a separate team and it does get competitive but for the most part we are all together for that 7 days, us against the highways...and hangovers.

6) Last year you had a friendly rivalry with Team Grand National, is there any team in particular who you really want to beat this year?

LOL! There was no rivalry with Team GN they were just two great guys that didn’t take themselves to serious and love to take the piss outta of ya once an a while. We both love the muscle cars and I have to give them a grateful shout out for their support and assistance a few times during last year, Thanks boys.

7) What are you looking forward to the most about Bullrun 2010?

The people...full stop. We have kept in touch with many of them since last year and I truly cannot wait to see them all again.

8) What is your absolute favourite aspect of Bullrun?

The camaraderie between Bullrunners first and foremost, the routes are unbelievable, every stop is an adventure the Bullrun crew plan an amazing 7 days. The hardware that’s brought to the rally is unreal prepare to have your mouth gapping open. Lastly I would say the starting lines everyday...sounds of the engines, everywhere you look are friends, hang-over is gone (don’t worry it comes back once on the road) its just exciting and wicked to be a part of. Can’t describe it, you have to be there.

9) Last year you drove your Prodigy Customs 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle, What car do you plan on driving this year? If you’re driving the Chevelle again, what is different about the car this year? Any new modifications?

Yes Lucy is returning, we finished building her just 4 days before the rally (Big thanks to Frank and crew at Prodigy Customs in Orlando) and she didn’t get a chance to be broken in before the rally so we hit some challenges, this year we have worked those out installed a new 6 speed manual, AC (thank god we almost died last year) and tweaked everything that needed it for this year.

10) What did you learn from last year’s rally that you might do differently this year?


11) Last year you had some major mechanical problems on the rally. Have those problems all been sorted out?

You’re jinxing me here!!!...I want to say yes but this is no grocery store run down the street even the most sorted vehicles can get thrown after 3000 miles....but lets just knock on wood and leave it at that.

12) Other than yourselves, who is your favorite Bullrun team? Why?

Team Twins because as mentioned Annabelle is the coolest, Team Wu for the comic relief and I’m worried they will sabotage me if I don’t say so.. Claus and Rawlings cause they show you the line you have to cross to compete, Team Texas because they are easy on the eyes, Team Canada because they are the unofficial welcoming party into Bullrun and very, very supportive, Hanna from Team Lexus was very sweet and always smiling (maybe because of the drink didn’t ask lol) its impossible to pick just one they are all very unique.

13) What is your team's strongest asset?

Determination, with my car you’re going to need it..and my mechanic Frank (in Frank we trust).

14) What is your fondest Bullrun memory from last year?

Taking off from that road block that got the rest of the Bullrunners and thinking we got away with it, then having a cop car pull up behind us at a gas station few blocks down...I was sweating it..Thankfully he just wanted directions...whew.

15) If you could choose one word to describe Bullrun, what would it be?

Crap..That’s impossible it takes hours to describe and even then you can’t get it all across. Just one?.....hallucinatory!!!