Team Black Magic returns to Bullrun in a brand new vehicle!

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Team Black Magic will be returning to the Bullrun 2010 rally this July in a faster, more agile vehicle than the Ford F-150 Raptor that they drove last year. Matt Farah, Tom Morningstar, and JF Musial will return this year in a brand new 2011 Shelby GT500 convertible, with the new aluminum engine. Team Black Magic has managed to persuade the folks at Ford to drive the new GT500 on the most glamorous rally in the world two months before its official release date!

Last year, Matt, Tom, and JF, blazed a trail across the Eastern United States in the all new Ford F-150 Raptor. They may not have been the fastest vehicle in the rally, but they always made it to the nightly checkpoint before nightfall and had a blast during the entire rally! One advantage that the Black Magic crew had over the supercars on the rally was their ability to fly under the radar, not only to the other competitors, but to the police as well. Team Black Magic walked away on the last day of the rally with only a single ticket which they got on their way to breakfast on day four off the rally. Matt Farah made history as being the first person in history to be pulled over by the police in the Production Raptor.

Now how on earth did Matt end up convincing the CEO’s at Ford to let him drive the first production Raptor in the United States – on a 4,000 mile road rally? Matt’s show, The Smoking Tire, has become an internet phenomenon among car junkies. Matt and his good buddy Tom Morningstar have been known in the past to give exceptional reviews of cars of every breed on their show. Since their show is so popular, why wouldn’t Ford let them take the Raptor out on the road to get some publicity? It would have been a stupid move for them to have turned Matt and Tom down.

For this year’s rally, Matt Farah managed to convince the folks at Ford to let him blaze a trail from NYC to Las Vegas in the all-new 2011 Shelby GT500! The 2011 Shelby GT500 Covetable was ideal for team Black Magic because it has the new aluminum engine package, making the GT500 over 120 pounds lighter than it's previous counterpart. Out of the box, the new aluminum powerplant delivers 10 more horsepower, bringing the tally up to 550 horsepower! This year, team Black Magic will be able to run with the pack, and even show the front-runners a thing or two. Claus, Rawlings, Wu, watch out, because Team Black Magic is coming for you!

Much like last year, team Black Magic’s goal is to create a video series to chronicle this year’s Bullrun rally for the fans. If the videos that were produced last year are any indication, then this year’s videos will be better than ever before! Be sure to check out The Smoking Tire ( to see some of the other videos that Matt and Tom have done!

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Interview with Matt Farah

1) So this is your third Bullrun rally, what was your motivation to do the Bullrun the first time around in 2007?

I was invited by a very wealthy friend to drive one of the two cars he had entered that year, a BMW M6. He was driving his 430 Spider. The guy's personal assistant, who I had never met at the time, would be my co-driver, and the car was a BMW M6, de-limited with a nice set of wheels on it. Good thing is, Steve, my co-driver was super cool, and I think I hit 190 in the M6 in South Carolina. I was literally invited ON the start line in Montreal, and didn't have any clothes or anything with me, so I had to buy a new set of clothes in each city. It was hilarious.

2) What was your first impression of Bullrun when you did the rally in 2007?

It was the best week of my whole life. Everyone needs an excuse to act like an immature kid once in a while, and that's exactly what Bullrun feels like: adults behaving like children. I mean that in the most complimentary way.... But I made some lifelong friends that week, and I was hooked.

3) What made you want to return for Bullrun 2009 and 2010?

Bullrun isn't cheap, and I won't pretend to have remotely enough cash laying around that I could blow 20 grand in a week. I don't. Fortunately, we're pretty good at making videos, which we've been doing with hit internet shows Garage419 and The Smoking Tire for over 3 years now. Originally, I wouldn't have dreamed that I would have ever had the opportunity to do the rally again, but when Black Magic offered us the opportunity to return to Bullrun, the decision had already been made to do it. We made 8 videos in 8 days, in virtual realtime, on the 2009 rally, and Black Magic was clearly happy with our work, so here we are again.

4) Who is on your team this year?

Same as last year, I will be driving with Tom Morningstar, our cameraman and editor, and JF Musial, a great producer and shooter with lots of endurance driving experience as well. The three of us make a very prepared team.

5) What are you looking forward to the most about Bullrun 2010?

You know, the people are what keep us really coming back. Driving fast across the country is always a good time, but the reason we like Bullrun instead of other rallies are because the people are so great. There are many 4 and 5 year veterans there, and going on a road trip with those guys for a week is just the greatest time, hanging out with your old friends, and, as I said before, acting like children.

6) What is your absolute favourite aspect of Bullrun?

Two things: As I said before, the people, and driving fast is just so much more fun when you've got 50 other cars out there running scrimage for you.

7) Last year you drove the first production Ford F-150 Raptor, What car do you plan on driving this year?

The Raptor was great, really, the best pickup truck ever built in my opinion, and it was so awesome of Ford to allow us to take that truck on a 6,000 mile road trip before everyone else, I just love the idea of having a car that, isn't necessarily expensive, but is just something exclusive that no one else can have. The problem with the Raptor is the 100mph speed limiter, which is probably a good idea for a pickup truck designed for off-roading, but a bad idea at Bullrun speeds. You'd be making a pass at 90, and hit the limiter when you needed the power most. So, we've decided to up the horsepower ante this year, and we're driving a 2011 Shelby GT500 convertible, with the new aluminum engine, about 2 months before it's released.

8) What factors come into play when choosing a car for Bullrun?

Well, unlike most Bullrun teams, our primary goal on Bullrun is to make great videos to entertain our fans. Of course we have fun on the rally, but at the end of the day, Bullrun, for us, is work. So it has to be something that's conducive to using as a camera vehicle. The GT500, with its convertible top and flat rear deck, is perfect for that. Also, it's got to be comfortable, since you're spending really long days in the car. The Raptor was great, but to really be competitive, you need a car that can go at least 140 or 150.

9) Other than yourselves, who is your favourite Bullrun team? Why?

I love Richard Rawlings just because he makes me laugh so hard. Last year, he only drove 1 leg of the whole rally because he was so drunk the whole time. I love the Texas Girls, just because there is literally no limit to their bad behavior, and how can you go wrong with girls that hot acting that fucking nuts? I love the Wu's for their blatant disregard for the law, and I love the Frankl twins because they are so damn English and charming.

10) What is your team's strongest asset?

The fact that Black Magic believes enough in our work to send us back, year after year.

11) What is your fondest Bullrun memory?

There's no way in hell that's becoming public information.

12) If you could chose one word to describe Bullrun, what would it be?