Team Texas returns for the Bullrun 2010 Live Rally!!!

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When it comes to Bullrun, who hasn’t heard of Team Texas? In 2008, Danielle, Christina, and Nicole Demas applied for a contest to join the world famous Bullrun rally. They were overjoyed when they learned that they has won the competition. They arrived at the start line in Calgary in what most people thought was a stock Chevy Tahoe. However, this was not your average run-of-the-mill Tahoe. In fact, it was far from stock.

Team Texas ran the entire 2008 rally without incident until the fifth day of the rally. While en route to Los Angeles California, Danielle noticed that the Tahoe was running low on gas. After asking a local, they learned that there were no gas stations on that particular stretch of road for miles. None of the girls had ever run out of gas before, and they were forced onto the side of the road when their engine began sputtering due to a deprivation of gasoline. Luckily for the girls, there was a Cal Tran road repair team on site – however, they were not interested in helping. After a little bit of persuasion, Team Texas got a jerry can full of fuel and was able to carry on to the nightly checkpoint. The Cal Tran crew made it clear that if they weren’t three attractive women from Texas, they probably wouldn’t have helped them out.

These three girls from Texas were prepared to take on the rally from Calgary to Scottsdale and to party it up every night during the week long road trip. They arrived in Calgary with a full tank of gas and a radar detector. They were surprised to see other drivers like Bill Wu show up with multiple GPS systems, an extra fuel cell, radar jammers, and an assortment of other equipment.

The Demas sisters quickly learned the ropes and began to move up in the point standings each day. But Bullrun isn’t all about the driving. Now what would a Bullrun party be like without Team Texas? There wouldn’t be much of a party at all, now would there?

Every night the Demas sisters partied like there was no tomorrow. It was not a strange sight to see the sisters dancing on top of the bar counter, throwing money down to the other Bullrunners on the floor below. They always had a good time, and quickly became a team of focus among the Bullrunners.

Now Team Texas isn’t just about the partying, they also enjoy the fast driving down America’s many highways. These girls showed their competitiveness in 2009 on many occasions, one of which being when they overtook a Semi on the hard shoulder en route to Talladega Superspeedway – at 100mph! Now if that doesn’t seem like enough, they pulled it off in a fully blown 2009 Roush F-150!

Team Texas will be back again for 2010, and without a doubt, they will continue to add a little Texan flare to the parties, and will show up the boys on the roads of America in their top secret ride for 2010. The girls have been notorious for bringing a seemingly underpowered SUV or Truck to the rally, and as we have come to learn, their vehicles are far from stock, and these girls can drive!

Photographs by: Merritt Kent

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Interview with Danielle, Nicole and Christina Demas of Team Texas:

1) How many years now have you done the Bullrun rally?

We have been on Bullrun for three years, a total of four rallies including the Shelby Terlingua Texas Rally.

2) What was your first impression of Bullrun when you did the rally in 2008?

When we showed up in Canada the first year, everyone was super organized but us, we thought with a full tank of gas, an SUV, and a radar detector we would be set. Unfortunate for us… the navigation installed in the car didn’t work outside of Texas

3) What made you decide to do the Bullrun the first time around in 2008?

Richard Rawlings told Danielle about Bullrun giving away an all girls spot… with big dreams to become girl race car drivers we thought Bullrun could be our pretend NASCAR debut. Clueless about the rally we did research and entered to try and win… lets just say I don’t know if they got what they expected when we showed up.

4) What made you want to return for Bullrun 2009 and 2010?

In 2008 Andrew told us that we would never have more fun then on the week of Bullrun…. In just one week we met so many people all over the world, went to amazing places, drove hard and partied harder. Bullrun stole our dignity, hearts and driving records… lets just say we're Bullrunners for life.

5) What is your favorite aspect of Bullrun?

Andrew Duncan.

6) In the past, you have driven a Chevy Tahoe and a Ford F-150. What car do you plan on driving this year?

We are definitely known for last minute decision making so we are still discussing what we want to drive. In the past driving an SUV has really been a strong point and is better for keeping us off the cop radar.

7) Other than yourselves, who is your favourite Bullrun team? Why?

It is so hard to pick favourites, because everyone brings something different to the rally and we are extremely close to a lot of the teams. If we had to pick, it would be Team WU, we always seem to find ourselves causing trouble with them and even after the rally is over we keep close contact.

8) What is your team's strongest asset?

Hands down the fact that we are all sisters makes things so much easier. A lot of driving leaves that much room for teams to disagree and argue, late nights entail less sleep and after a week people start getting inpatient and bitchy.

9) What is your fondest Bullrun memory?

Every second on the Rally results in being a good memory. If we had to choose a memory that stuck out the most it would have to be from Bullrun 2009, that year we decided to compete in a Roush Ford F-150. One of the last nights stops brought us to Destin Florida, dinner was on the beach and of course we were running late. After dinner everyone on the rally wanted to head back to the resort; there was ONE shuttle that showed up every 30 minutes or so to take everyone back… except for us of course because we drove. During dinner that night we sat with team Wu so we told them they were more then welcome to ride back with us. As we all began getting in the car probably 10-12 other teams were waiting for the shuttle, impatiently… Bullrunners hate waiting. What the hell? Why not invite everyone to ride with us? After extending the invitation … EVERYONE accepted. People were in the bed of the truck, people were hanging off the side of the truck, people were everywhere… a total of 29 in the truck altogether. Lets just say the resort guests, the resort security, the home owners association and the 8 or so cop cars who showed up were not pleased with our behaviour… we still ended up all having to take the shuttle back to the resort.

10) What are you looking forward to the most about Bullrun 2010?

More memories, old friends, and breaking rules… more drinks to drink, and more towns to take over. Get ready… Team Texas is coming to a town near you.